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Your media center is the source for press releases and other information about your practice. Its purpose is to make it as simple as possible for members of the media to acquire newsworthy items about your firm. Since this page targets professionals, keep the information fresh or the media will leave your site and you'll lose potentially valuable publicity.

The information in your site's media center must be easy to access through e-mail and print. Your media kit should include, at a minimum:

Press releases. Provide a list of all your firm's press releases, listing the most recent first. Create links and make them printer friendly so that visitors can download each press release. Give the name of the member of your firm who handles publicity and public relations, along with contact information.

Articles written about the firm. List all articles written about your firm, the subject of those articles, and the publication that they appeared in. Include all articles that were published in the past several years. Provide links that allow visitors to download articles and easily print them.

Company history. Write the company history in story form and detail the genesis and steps involved in its becoming successful. Don't make it a blatant commercial. Stick to the facts, but give it human interest by stressing the role that key personnel and clients played in building the firm.

Basic financial information. Provide background on the size of the practice, number of consultants, clients, and revenue (if possible). Some firms are uncomfortable publishing financial information but if you keep it current and accurate, it gives clients a good idea of the breadth of your firm.

Biographies of key personnel. Consultants' biographies should stress their accomplishments, their positions as experts, and details on their areas of expertise. It should also give their backgrounds, training, and experience as well as their social and community activities. All bios should be written in a personable tone.

Articles and appearances. List all articles that your firm's members have published and the subject of each article. Provide printer-friendly links that allow visitors to download copies. If you speak frequently, include a list of your speaking engagements for the past two years. Note if you were the keynote or featured speaker. If you speak less frequently, list your major appearances over the past five years.

Speaker information. Give speaker information for each firm member who gives presentations. Briefly describe speaking topics, the duration of presentations, target audiences, and the results achieved. State that copies of speeches are downloadable, provide links to them, and make sure they are printer friendly. Provide, or offer to provide, audio or video recordings of all speeches and presentations.

Calendar of upcoming events. Provide a calendar that shows the dates, times, and places of upcoming events that the firm or its members will sponsor or participate in. The calendar should list presentations, workshops, seminars, interviews, and appearances. Create downloadable links that allow visitors to obtain more information about each event.

Endorsements and testimonials. If you decide to include endorsements, provide the best endorsements you have received from the most well-known and respected endorsers. Do not include more than two pages of endorsements.

Client list. List your clients' names. You may choose to sort this list by industry or alphabetically.

Frequently asked questions. Present frequently asked questions (FAQs) and their answers. Be creative; include questions that clients and the media ask and anticipate others they might ask. Include questions on issues facing the industry and on recent changes and developments that are affecting the industry. Keep your answers short. Use this section to show your knowledge, creativity, and problem-solving ability. Also write questions on the background of your firm, its size, areas of specialization, and objectives, even if it repeats material provided in other sections.

Keep in mind that the information and material you include in the media center is intended to reach potential clients. Make members of the media feel welcome on your site so they will understand what your practice is about and give you good press.

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