Marketing while writing

Finding time to conduct research and prepare items for publication is always difficult when you must balance those activities with a tough client assignment. Guerrillas take advantage of this apparent dilemma by including clients in the research and development process. Once you've worked out a core set of ideas, discuss your emerging concepts with clients and solicit their feedback. They may help solidify your ideas, add a dimension that you missed, or give you quotable examples and statistics.

If your piece is about a new way to organize a sales force, seek opinions from several clients who are involved in that part of their business. Clients usually welcome the opportunity to help, and most appreciate being quoted. Plus, you get to show clients that you are always thinking of ways to help them, and you have an opportunity to explore any other issues that may arise during the conversation. By involving your clients in the writing process, you remind them once again about you, your firm, and your interest in their company.

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