Link strategies

Some organizations will agree to post links to your site on their sites, particularly those that focus on providing resources and information to their visitors. Frequently, they'll want a link on your site in exchange. If you have a zine, ask other relevant publishers to trade links in an upcoming issue. It's an easy, free way to cross-promote your practices. You can use the link to announce upcoming events, offer a recently released report or just let readers know you have a zine that might interest them.

A large consulting firm recently spent over $75 million for an advertising and branding campaign that featured ads in the highest circulation newspapers and magazines around the globe. For guerrillas, that kind of investment is sheer folly. The campaign may bring the firm's consultants to the table when a project is up for grabs, but it won't get them any work if their ideas, relationships, and sales processes are flawed.

Invest wisely in an assortment of targeted advertising programs. And remember, your primary intent is to generate leads and, secondarily, to build a brand. That's how to make your advertising investment pay off.

Passive Income Blueprint

Passive Income Blueprint

Passive income is a source of revenue you ideally create only once, to bring in fresh batches of income over and over, all on its own.

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