Keep your eyes and ears open

Understand the competitive market. Know the competition thoroughly, both their weaknesses and strengths. Check with your network members, visit your competitors' Web sites and read their newsletters. Summaries of their materials are often free.

Learn what markets and clients your competitors are serving. Identify the issues they're handling, the research they're conducting, and initiatives they're pursuing. See how their work fits with industry trends and where you stand in the competitive mix. Think about and adjust your marketing plan in accordance with your discoveries.

The Might Of The Fighter

The Might Of The Fighter

Might is another crucial thing for personal growing. It's your ability to consciously and by choice produce the world around you. When your might is un-forceful, you can't effectively fulfill your needs and wants, and you get to be a victim of your surroundings. When your might is secure, you successfully cultivate a life of your own selecting, and your surroundings reflects it. This book will provide insight to might.

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