Keep clients in the loop

Client sponsors can easily get swept up by other issues and lose touch with the details of the project. Advise them of developments and solicit their opinions and guidance. Avoid surprises. When you head into a client status meeting, never wing it. If you don't know, admit it and promise to quickly get the answer. When you provide answers, make sure that they're thorough and complete.

Although you may be pushed to generate maximum fees in every situation, don't take today what could cost you tomorrow. Treat your clients, your staff, and everyone you deal with fairly. Don't give away your services, but don't be greedy.

Since your primary objective is to build lasting client relationships, think of the future and potential revenue, not simply what you can squeeze out of a single project now. Be willing to give and take, and charge reasonable fees.

Accept complete responsibility for your role in projects. Admit mistakes and quickly fix them. Find the sources of misunderstandings and clear the air. Never blame clients for project failures, even when they caused the mistakes. Do your best to make assignments work.

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