Are you a consultant? That title applies to professionals from actuarial advisors to Web site designers, including management consultants, accountants, architects, investment counselors, lawyers, public relations consultants, engineers, human resources experts, executive coaches, professional speakers, technology consultants, internal consultants, and others.

All consultants are different and each specialty requires unique skills. One of those skills, though it may not say so on your business card, is marketing. If you're not a top-notch marketer, expect an uphill road all the way. And don't expect that road to lead to the bank.

Professional service providers need powerful marketing now more than ever. You may be a brilliant advisor or strategist, but in our highly competitive world you must convince clients that your services are head and shoulders above the competition if you want to stay in business.

This book was written from the perspective of a management consultant—coauthor, Michael McLaughlin. But the message of guerrilla marketing is equally relevant for all professional service providers.

Whatever consulting you do, guerrilla marketing can separate your practice from the pack. That's not to say that classical marketing principles have no validity. But they are not a potent enough response to the rapidly changing demands of today's clients.

Guerrilla marketing strategy and tactics will take you to the next level, where profits flow abundantly. Guerrillas use their time, energy, creativity, and knowledge to maximize the return on their marketing dollars. This book isn't about good marketing. It's about great marketing and long-term success—an investment in your future.

Think of Guerrilla Marketing for Consultants as an owner's manual for your career and your practice. In these pages, there is a wealth of information on why, where, when, and how to push your consulting practice to new performance levels.

The guidelines in this book are prescriptive but flexible. Work through them on a step-by-step basis to create a guerrilla marketing program that fits your objectives, markets, budget, and skills. You can find strategies and tools for handling every aspect of marketing a consulting practice—from building market visibility to creating winning proposals and pricing your services.

We also include unbeatable guerrilla strategies for selling your services and creating profitable client relationships once you've been hired. Those relationships are keys to building a sustainable and profitable business.

If you want to review recent practices in just one area of marketing, you can simply flip to that chapter. Whichever way you use this book, you have access to the latest intelligence for creating a profitable guerrilla consulting practice.

If you are a consulting client or are thinking about becoming one, this book offers you many insights on how consultants work with clients. You might want to focus on the chapters about projects, proposals, and pricing. These and the other chapters can help you identify the traits you should look for in a consultant.

We look forward to seeing you in the trenches—and at the bank.

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Marketing for Consultants the Guerrilla Way


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