How you work with clients

Another critical question for prospective clients is "How will the consulting team interact with us on the project?" Devote a page on your site to show how you work with clients. This page does not define the tools, methodologies, and approaches you use—it describes how you work with clients on projects.

Many clients know they have problems, but they worry that hiring consultants will give them even greater headaches. They may have good reason to worry that a pack of disruptive consultants planted in the middle of already overcrowded offices will sap productivity and monopolize key employees' time.

Use case studies to illustrate that you know how to avoid disrupting clients' operations. Some consultants never leave their offices to visit clients, while others move right in with the client and remain there for months and even years.

Before they sign on to work with you, all potential clients want to know what the projects will cost and how long they will take. Most clients realize it is impossible to provide that information until a proposal has been completed. In the meantime, though, they will want to know the answers to other questions:

What is the typical size of a project team?

Will client staff serve on teams?

If so, how much of their time will be involved?

Will staff need training?

How will you administer projects?

What are your reporting and communication policies?

How do you determine when the project has been completed?

What tools and methods do you generally use?

This section of the site helps clients understand your firm's personality and culture. For many clients, these attributes are among the top criteria for selecting consultants.

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