Hitting your targets

Carefully choose the market(s) you wish to serve and those you will ignore. Then relentlessly pursue the market(s) you select. Some consultants try to be all things to all clients and end up squandering their marketing resources because they lack market focus. The guerrilla aims, not at a mass market, but at targeted markets that use consulting services.

It is easy to target too broadly. Some consultants serve the small business market, but find it impossible to provide compelling offerings to so broad a group of clients. If you target small businesses, narrow the field to a few segments and build your presence with those segments.

Other consultants choose to serve an industry like health care and then narrow their focus, say, to life science companies. You can also target specific companies within an industry.

Some firms specialize in addressing particular functions or problems that are not industry specific, such as employee diversity. They choose target organizations based on functional knowledge of human resources instead of relying solely on industry knowledge.

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