Guerrilla Tip Fee Fatigue

Long-term clients can get fee fatigue: They simply get tired of paying consultants. In most cases, it's not triggered by poor service on your part, nor can it be prevented. Usually, they just need a break from working with outsiders. Learn to recognize the symptoms of fee fatigue and openly discuss this with the client.

Don't plan to settle in permanently with any client—get a project done and clear out. Your goal should be to return for another project in the future. You may well find that absence does make the client's heart grow fonder.

Some clients want to improve their industry visibility to promote their companies and their careers. Help them achieve their goals: Facilitate their participation in panel discussions at industry forums, publish jointly developed case studies and articles, or arrange for them to speak at conferences.

You can also help clients who want to extend their personal networks. Introduce clients to one another to share ideas and approaches. Clients love to discuss industry issues with their peers and with experts both in and out of their industries.

The clients with whom you will build the most rewarding relationships are those who take you into their confidence and include you as a trusted advisor. But you can also have profitable short-term relationships with any clients who respect your work and get along with you.

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