Guerrilla Tactic Make It Count

On pro bono projects, do something significant. Find a nonprofit's toughest problem—a dilemma it doesn't know how to solve—and fix it. Use your skills to create solutions that make real differences. Think blockbusters. If an organization's finances are a mess, overhaul them or put in a new accounting system. If it is having trouble raising funds, implement a process that will enable it to increase contributions by 100 percent. Don't simply volunteer to collect tickets during a conference. Commit yourself to taking on important projects that bring meaningful change.

When highly skilled consultants provide nonprofits with the additional talent they need, the nonprofits frequently don't want them to leave. Charities truly appreciate the value of working with bright, dedicated consultants who produce outstanding results. As a result, they will keep stringing out projects because they're getting such great benefits at no cost.

Many charitable organizations are understaffed and need tight schedules and strong project management. Establish milestones. Create interim checkpoints throughout the project so you can monitor progress and make appropriate corrections promptly. Be responsive, easy to work with, and always meet your deadlines.

It's a good idea to give charitable organizations invoices to give them a sense of the value of your services. Clarify that the invoices are only for informational purposes and that you don't expect to be paid.

Tackling difficult pro bono projects will set you apart from the competition and provide you with interesting challenges. Your talents will be displayed and your accomplishments will be recognized, especially on high-profile projects. You will noticed by and interact with the organization's leaders and its most important supporters.

Performing wonders for worthy causes on big issues can also get you priceless publicity. It will earn you devoted friends and supporters in the community, and you will be helping a worthwhile cause.


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