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Hire your own publicist. Invest a portion of your advance on publicity for your book. Many public relations firms specialize in book publicity and do outstanding jobs. They can plan and coordinate publicity campaigns with your publisher. And, they can usually get more from your publisher's publicity department than you can alone.

executing that plan early. Don't wait until your book is just about to hit the stores. If you do, it will be too late. Hire a publicist, begin working with the media, and alert your clients long before the book is scheduled for publication.

Do something daily to promote your book: Bring attention to your book in some way every day. Whether you're preparing articles, speeches, or just making telephone calls to clients, get in a word or two about your book.

E book Publishing Secrets

E book Publishing Secrets

The term E-book can mean a variety of different things in varied context however the most basic reference would be that it is a source of information done in a digital file. This book gives you the tools to publish yourself.

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