Guerrilla Tactic Dont Forget the Old School Ties

Notify your alma mater. In fact, notify all alumni organizations and publications for your high school, college, and graduate school. Former teachers, professors, and classmates can be your staunchest supporters.

16. Include a reference to your book in every marketing communication you produce, especially proposals.

17. Include a tidbit of information about your book in the signature file of your e-mails.

18. Attend the major conventions that focus on the issues in your book. If you cannot get booked as a speaker, use the event for networking purposes.

19. Instead of flying all over the country on a traditional book tour, consider reaching viewers via a satellite media tour.

20. Consider a press conference by telephone with a select group of reporters from around the country. Some publicists can arrange such conferences with members of the media who have audiences interested in the subject of your book.

21. Send press releases and notifications to library wholesalers like Baker & Taylor. They supply books to libraries and retailers worldwide.

22. Try to have your book stocked in both traditional and non-traditional book outlets. Many executives find their books in airport, hotel, and convention site bookstores. Don't ignore these retailers.

23. Submit your book to clubs like the Book-of-the-Month Club and the Literary Guild. These organizations reach millions of readers who may be interested in your book.

24. Attend book fairs. Each year, Book Expo America attracts thousands of booksellers, agents, publishers, and authors. It's an opportunity to plug your book and network with others in the industry.

25. Get a few high-profile testimonials. Send advance copies of the book to get prepublication blurbs that you can use for promotion. Once your book is published, solicit testimonials from some highly respected executives in the field who can describe how your book helped their organizations work through the issue you wrote about. Publish the testimonials on your Web site and in all your marketing material, including your speeches and articles you write.

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

As with any web site, SaleHoo has a number of features that will help you in buying products from around the world. Once you have an account on SaleHoo, which only costs a one-time fee, you can establish up to twenty named searches for products. After that, any time those items become available, you’ll be alerted.

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