Guerrilla Tactic Customize Your Qualifications

When providing their qualifications, most consultants simply take the latest version of their resumes and paste them into proposals. They may edit slightly, but for the most part, they submit the same tired information. That's a mistake. Instead, customize your resumes and qualifications to provide the best, most relevant, and client-focused information. Add appropriate stories, case studies, and testimonials; include names, dates, facts, and telephone numbers.

and the implications for the proposed project. Provide success stories, but temper them by not overstating your role; stress the results and client satisfaction.

Finally, emphasize the differentiators—the extraordinary qualities—that your firm brings to the assignment. Fully describe each special quality, quantify it, and state how it will serve and add to the project.

Many consulting proposals look exactly the same, so include three differentiators in your proposal that will set you apart from the competition. It's possible you have a special alliance with an academic expert that will contribute to the project; maybe you wrote a book on the precise subject of the project; or maybe your firm was the first to use a specific business process that is needed to make the project successful.

Most firms try to differentiate themselves on price or qualifications. Be creative about what makes your firm better, different, or first at something. It's a surefire way to win projects.

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