Guerrilla Intelligence Ally or

The cruelest foe is a masked benefactor.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson*

Consulting projects are often controversial, creating both supporters and foes in client organizations. You will always have detractors—people who were against hiring you in the first place and never seem satisfied with your work. We'd all rather bask in the approval of supporters and avoid contact with detractors, but that's not realistic.

While client relationships should be cordial, clients don't have to be your friends to help you succeed. With some detractors, you may not get any further than a grudging acknowledgment that the project was not as big a disaster as they thought it would be. You never know, though—those in your detractors' networks who understand their negativity may perceive their opinions about you in a positive way.

*Ralph Waldo Emerson's quote is from his article, "The Sovereignty of Ethics," Lectures and Biographical Sketches (1883). Reprint: Leonard Roy Frank, ed., Random House Webster's Quotationary (New York: Random House, 1999), p. 239.

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