Guerrilla Intelligence Why Publishing Matters

Publishing is a great way to demonstrate your value to clients in a nonselling manner. Do you wonder if publishing that white paper you've been thinking about will yield results? According to a report by Bitpipe and, 77 percent of corporate and IT executives pass on white papers to colleagues, and 68 percent use them to contact distributors and vendors.*

Six Reasons to Publish

1. Establish your expertise with prospective clients.

2. Enhance your relationships with existing clients.

3. Generate leads for work from new and existing clients.

4. Improve your name recognition.

5. Demonstrate your competence.

6. Build your stockpile of intellectual assets for future use.

*Statistics on use of white papers is from "2004 and BitPipe Study: Readership and Usage of White Papers by Corporate and IT Management," p. 2.

Being published gives consultants instant credibility; it automatically qualifies them as authorities. It's natural for clients and prospective clients to be attracted to consultants who are thought leaders in their fields.

Strangely, the flood of information we receive has intensified, not satisfied, the demand for high-value information. Clients are always hunting for objective insights into how their performance and business operations stack up against others and what the future holds for their industry. Publishing your work, though time-consuming, is a cost-effective marketing tactic you can use to give clients the value they seek.

Guerrillas view writings and published pieces as fungible, reusable assets that will provide an ongoing return on their investment. A consultant's writings can be used to support future proposals, press releases, media kits, zines, and Web site content.

Shape your writings for multiple purposes. Write pieces that can be converted into speeches, white papers, books, audios, or videos. Think of your writings as a database that you can reconfigure and tailor to a variety of needs.

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