Guerrilla Intelligence Proposals for Existing Clients

Writing proposals for existing clients can be more demanding than writing them for prospects. Existing clients expect more because they think that you understand their operation, culture, people, and problems better than competing firms. They believe that you should be able to handle their projects more quickly, inexpensively, and insightfully, and will examine your proposal with a more critical and demanding eye. Existing clients will expect your proposal to be results oriented, without the marketing fluff they see in many other proposals.

directions, and the project may change from the time proposals were requested to the submission deadline. Therefore, it's crucial to stay in close communication with the client to keep your proposal on track and strengthen your relationship. If you are awarded the project, the information you gained and the relationship you built via collaboration will prove invaluable.

They're going to look at price first. Even if you believe the project is presold through the discovery process, you must be sure that the decision makers know, in advance, the estimate of project fees and how you arrived at that estimate. Don't present a fee or range of fees that makes clients' jaws drop. This is where the meetings before the meetings come in. It's vital to discuss the estimated fees with selection committee members in advance to avoid sticker shock when the proposal arrives.

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