Guerrilla Intelligence Intangible Benefits

As you calculate your fees and forecast profit, remember to include the intangible benefits you receive from projects. In the consulting business, not all profit is purely financial.

While working on projects, you increase the knowledge base of your firm and its consultants. You build new skills and forge new relationships, which can lead to future work. You also generate materials for future marketing, such as references and case studies. These benefits are elements of profit that you should consider when calculating your project fees.

situation. If clients say they will only accept fixed-fee proposals, obviously you have to work within those parameters. But that doesn't mean you can't be creative and offer options.

In presenting fees, make it clear and easy for clients to understand how you arrived at your fees. Some consultants build elaborate spreadsheets to calculate their fees, which can cause clients to focus on the accuracy and detail of the spreadsheet instead of the fees. Remember, the client will likely be sharing your proposal with others who may not have the benefit of hearing your presentation directly. So make the pricing method clear.

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