Guerrilla Intelligence Expect the Unexpected

Consultants are used to being surprised by client requests, scope changes, and client "emergencies." Writing and publishing will also bring the unexpected. The best-laid plans, the tightest outlines, and schedules must be changed when new information emerges and major changes occur. A publisher may delay your piece, edit it beyond recognition, or even ask for a complete rewrite if there have been changes in your topic since the original submission. When it comes to writing and publishing, nothing is written in stone.

Adopt a consistent format for all the writings on your Web site by using similarly designed pages. Design each page to be consistent with your firm's overall visual identity, business cards, and promotional materials. Create templates so that all your pieces have a uniform format when printed or displayed on the reader's computer. If all your articles have the same look, they'll be suitable for binding, which will extend their life. Consistency with your visual identity will help you look professional and promote your brand.

You need to maintain uniformly excellent quality and content in your writings. If your articles are not vastly superior to the usual run-of-the mill stuff, you will be wasting your time. Anything less than first-rate work will damage your reputation and defeat the purpose— growing your business.

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