Guerrilla Intelligence Collaborate

Collaboration with others is a hallmark of guerrilla marketing, and surveys lend themselves particularly well to productive partnerships. In one case, a consulting firm teamed with a local university and newspaper to conduct a survey on the city's future technology needs. The consulting firm, in conjunction with university faculty members, designed the survey; the local newspaper contributed use of its Web site to receive survey responses; and the consulting firm prepared the mailing list, analyzed the results, and published the joint report, which was featured for weeks in the local media.

Email Marketing Secrets

Email Marketing Secrets

Inside this ebook you'll learn all about 5 email marketing secrets. Do your best to make your intentions crystal clear from the start. Make your subscribers feel like they can talk to you and that you actually care about what they have to say. Be yourself even if some people dont like it. If you really want someone to give you something they have, you have to appear not to really want it. Rejection and how to deal with it.

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