Guerrilla advertising

When properly executed, advertising is a powerful guerrilla weapon, but it can also be an expensive crapshoot. It's possible to reach your precise target clients with timely and compelling offers that get prospective clients to pick up the telephone and call. It's just as easy, though, to create ill-timed ads that potential clients ignore.

With most paid advertising, you start at a disadvantage. Most consumers simply don't read or trust advertising because so many claims have proven to be exaggerated or untrue. Consumers have been bombarded with so much advertising that they've become desensitized and instinctively skeptical of ads. So, most skip right over or, at best, scan them.

And ads can be costly to create and run. A one-third page, black and white ad in a national business magazine costs more than $20,000 each time it runs. And the costs of design firms, production resources, and writers mount up.

Putting together an ad campaign and then measuring its results can be complex, costly, and time consuming. And to work most effectively, your advertising must be integrated with all your other marketing efforts.

But advertising has its place in the guerrilla's marketing arsenal and can draw clients to your practice using the tactics outlined below.

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