Consider the tradeoffs

Although you don't have to buy airtime or pay when features about you run in newspapers, getting publicity isn't simple and doesn't bear fruit overnight. You'll need repeated media exposures to gain the visibility that will get clients' attention. And keep in mind that publicity items don't stay in your control: Once representatives of the media have an item, they can do whatever they want with it.

To obtain results, you must learn about publicity, cultivate your media presentation skills, and build and sustain media relationships. You also have to write and distribute articles, press releases, media kits, and publicity materials. As with all marketing tactics, guerrillas look carefully at the trade-offs between the benefits publicity can provide and the time and effort it takes away from other marketing efforts and client service.

Be patient and persistent. Don't waste your time trying to get publicity on a one-shot basis; it simply won't work. If you participate in an exceptional event or development, you may get your 15 minutes of fame, but the hoopla will die down quickly and you will end up essentially where you began.

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