Clientlevel marketing

Part of effective marketing to existing clients is simply your mindset; you must think about them as prospective clients. That doesn't mean taking advantage of your position to sell them what they don't need, and it doesn't mean always being in a smarmy sales mode. What it does call for is a proactive, client-level marketing plan tailored to each client.

Adapt the marketing plan described in Chapter 4 to create a client-level marketing plan for each client organization. Identify your purpose with each client, how you will achieve it, the specific people in the organization you plan to approach, and how you will differentiate your services for each. Outline the tactics you'll use and how much time, money, and effort you will spend on the plan.

Assuming you have properly qualified each client and project, you should want long-term relationships with most of your existing clients. Some clients will be more important to your practice than others, but plan some client-level marketing for all your clients.

In true guerrilla fashion, your client-level marketing must be flexible and creative. One of the guerrilla's greatest strengths is the ability to swiftly adapt to changing situations. Nowhere will that skill serve you better than in the give-and-take of developing quality relationships. To that end, client-level marketing must be unobtrusive and collaborative; it must help clients in meaningful ways and target their issues. Your plan should be based on helping clients first and selling second.

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