Choosing your goals

Consider the following ten marketing goals:

1. The specific clients you hope to attract

2. Ideal projects you'd like to complete

3. The steps you should take to become a better consultant

4. Your charitable contribution or pro bono goals, such as volunteering to serve on a committee for a community service organization

5. Your industry contribution goals, such as writing a topical article for an industry newsletter, speaking at industry conferences, or helping to organize a seminar in your field

6. The number of new relationships you want to forge

7. Improvement of your market visibility by developing a new publicity campaign, updating your Web presence, or undertaking a survey or poll on a topic of interest to your clients

8. Your financial goals, such as revenue, profit, and growth

9. Your life/balance goals, such as scheduling nonnegotiable vacations, setting a monthly limit on client service hours, or starting a new hobby

10. New service areas you'd like to develop, which might mean expanding the scope of a service you currently offer, adding capabilities to your practice by hiring new people, or building new services

Powerful marketing goals are inspiring. What's even more important is to confront the question: How will these goals help serve clients more effectively and profitably?



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