Thirteen guerrilla marketing secrets

1. From the interview, "Meet the MasterMinds: Seven Questions for Seth Godin," Management Consulting News (June 3, 2GG3). Available from http://

2. From his article, "How to Buy/Sell Professional Services," Harvard Business Review (March/April 1966), p. 13G.

3. Statistic on how clients choose service providers is from "Marketing Returns: Leadership, Innovation and Results," by the Information Technology Sales and Marketing Association (ITSMA), p. 9. Information was presented in opening session by Dave Munn, CEO of ITSMA, at a conference held in Oakland, California, October 2G-22, 2GG3.

4. Information on how clients find solution providers is from the same ITSMA study as above, p. 22. Information presented in a breakout session by Julie Schwartz, ITSMA analyst, at the same conference.

5. From the book, Intellectual Capital: The New Wealth of Organizations (New York: Doubleday, 199B), p. xix.

6. Statistic on client retention presented at "The Annual Conference of the Institute of Management Consultants" held in Houston, Texas, May 2002. Information presented by Wayne Cooper, Kennedy Information, Inc.

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