The guerrillas competitive edge

1. From the interview, "Sales Strategies of a Rainmaker with Jeffrey Fox," Management Consulting News (May 6, 2003). Available from http://www

In the interview, Fox goes on to describe how rainmakers sell: "They don't depend on their experience, twenty years in the business or a close relationship with the client. They pre-call plan, and they do it in writing."

2. From the interview, "Meet the MasterMinds: Fiona Czerniawska on Trends in Consulting," Management Consulting News (February 3, 2004). Available from _feb_04.htm.

Czerniawska goes on to say that "clients may feel that no one firm can handle either the scale or complexity of their large projects, and they may want a partnership with five or six firms. Or clients may cut projects down into small pieces that they give to specialist firms."

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