All projects are not created equal

1. From Making Rain: The Secrets of Building Lifelong Client Loyalty (Hobo-ken, NJ: Wiley, 2003), p. xiii.

In an interview in Management Consulting News, "This Month's Featured MasterMind: Andrew Sobel on the Secrets of Making Rain," February 4, 2003, Sobel clarified that "in terms of adding value, you have to go beyond the core value of the contract, beyond what the client contracts with you, the consultant, to deliver. Client loyalty increases when you add value in ways that clients don't expect, when you make them aware of problems and issues that perhaps they didn't even know they had. So maybe you are hired to do a cost reduction project, but you end up making some insightful recommendations about organizational structure. You see the big picture and keep your eyes and ears open. You bring clients surprise value and they say, wow, that was really helpful." Available from

2. Research on client satisfaction is from Ross McManus, Selling and Satisfying the Fortune 1000 in a Post-Enron World, a Survey of Client Satisfaction (November 2003). Available from .html.

According to senior executives, not understanding their business was the number one reason for terminating professional service providers and consultants. According to the study, one in nine top executives said relationships with their professional services providers and consultants were "significantly deteriorating," possibly leading to termination within the next twelve months.

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