Five steps to a winning speech

1. Opening quote was advice on speechmaking given to Roosevelt's son. From Leonard Roy Frank, ed., Random House Webster's Quotationary (New York: Random House, 1999), p. 686.

2. From the book, Working the Room: How to Move People to Action through Audience-Centered Speaking (Boston: Harvard Business School Press, 2003), p. 2.

3. The Decker Grid System was created by communications expert, Bert Decker.

In an interview, "This Month's Featured MasterMind: Bert Decker on Effective Communication," Management Consulting News (August 6, 2002), Decker said, "The Grid System is a quick, easy way to create a high-impact presentation, or any communication. Once you have a subject for the communication, you identify the four cornerstones of the communication—the audience, your point of view on the subject, the action you want your audience to take and the benefits to your audience if they take that action." Available from http://www.managementconsultingnews .com/newsletter_aug_02_final.htm.

Building on that foundation, the Grid System explains, step-by-step, how to compose your communication. Find out more about Decker's method at

4. From the interview, "Meet the MasterMinds: Nick Morgan on the Secrets of Powerful Speaking," Management Consulting News (September 3, 2002). Available from _03.htm.

In the interview, Morgan went on to say that most speakers ". . . don't rehearse at all. CEO's and senior level people will rehearse a big speech once the night before, or read over the notes and think they can wing it. How many times do you see people creating PowerPoint slides on the plane or train on the way to a meeting?"

5. Statistic on speakers is from "Speaker Usage Monitor: Wave 1," a report by the National Speakers Association (June 2003), p. 15.

6. From Grady Jim Robinson, Did I Ever Tell You About the Time: How to Develop and Deliver a Speech Using Stories That Get Your Message Across (New York: McGraw-Hill, 2000), p. ix.

7. See note 6, p. 206, for Grady Jim Robinson quote on storytelling.

8. See note 6, p. 211, for Grady Jim Robinson quote on speakers using self-revelation.

9. Statistics on speakers' years of experience are from the "National Speakers Association 2003 Member Survey" (April 2003). Available from

10. See note 5, p. 9, for statistic on hiring of industry experts as speakers.

11. Research result on the power of a demonstration is from Doug Hall, Meaningful Marketing (Cincinnati, OH: Brain Brew Books, 2003), p. 64.

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