Why consultants need guerrilla marketing

1. From the book, True Professionalism: The Courage to Care about Your People, Your Clients, and Your Career (New York: Free Press, 1997), p. 5.

2. Statistic on the size of the consulting industry is from Kennedy Information, Inc., The Global Information Technology Management Consulting Marketplace: Key Data, Forecasts and Trends (2003), p. 15. Some experts may quibble over Kennedy's estimates or forecasts for the size of the industry, but the point is that the numbers are big.

3. Statistic on client satisfaction with consultants is from Kennedy Information, Inc., "Kennedy Information: Client Intelligence Report" (May 2002).

4. From the interview, "How to Satisfy Clients: An Interview with Steve Banis and Mac McManus," Management Consulting News (January 6, 2004). Available from www.managementconsultmgnews.com/newsletter_jan_04.htm#4.

In the same interview, Banis noted that "Clients are going to expect consultants to listen better and develop a deeper understanding of the client's business. They are also going to expect new ideas. Clients are saying don't come at us with the same approach anymore. And there is going to be a major backlash against technology being the answer to everything. Dissatisfaction is already evident about big technology projects not living up to their billing."

5. From the New York Times (June 30, 2002), Business Section, p. 4.

6. From the interview, "Meet the MasterMinds: A Conversation with Tbm Peters," Management Consulting News (December 2, 2003). Available from www.managementconsultingnews.com/newsletter_dec_03.htm#2.

Peters went on to observe that "If IBM is now IBM Global Services and UPS is UPS Logistics instead of a bunch of guys with trucks, all of the value added is going to come from this consulting-like intellectual capital.

"And for the consultants, maybe we are going to find ourselves competing with former departments. The proof of the pudding is IBM buying PwC Consulting. IBM turns itself into a consultancy and what does it do? It buys the consultants. Why wouldn't UPS do the same thing?"

7. References from The Anatomy of Buzz: How to Create Word-of-Mouth Marketing (New York: Doubleday, 2000), pp. 13-14.

8. From the Financial Times (December 16, 2003).

9. Thomas Watson Sr. is well known for his alleged 1943 statement: "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers," but there is no evidence he ever said that. One author tried to locate the quote and was unable to find any speeches or documents of Watson's that contain this quotation.

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