Boost Your Web Presence with a Zine

In 1971, an unassuming computer engineer named Ray TOmlinson sent the world's first e-mail message—to himself. TOmlinson and the others who tinkered with this invention sensed that e-mail could have practical uses, but they had no idea it would lead to a revolution in how people communicate.

Now, more than 30 billion e-mail messages are sent on the Internet every day, and e-mail has become a dominant force in our lives. According to a survey by META Group, 80 percent of the business-people polled said that e-mail is a more effective form of business communication than the telephone.1 And 75 percent of executives surveyed expect e-mail to be their primary source of business information by 2005.2

E-mailboxes are direct conduits to buyers of goods and services, and marketers have been so aggressive that government agencies have stepped in to protect consumers. One offspring of e-mail—the electronic newsletter, or zine—has exploded as a dynamic marketing vehicle.

What Is a Zine?

A zine (pronounced "zeen") is an electronic newsletter; an e-mail-based publication that is sent on a specified schedule to subscribers who have agreed in advance to receive it.

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