Benefits to consultants

Few activities provide as much gratification as giving help to others or are as satisfying as solving important problems. Helping is our ethic; it's the glue that bonds our society, and it feels good to work for the benefit of others. Assisting the less fortunate is a way to share our success. By shifting the focus from our needs to the needs of others, we increase our appreciation for our good fortune and affirm our compassion for others.

Giving back to the community has several benefits:

It solidifies your reputation as a consultant who cares about people.

It helps build your brand with people associated with charities and in your community.

^ You may attract new clients, but there's no guarantee. If you do receive new business, you can never tell when it might come. It could be just days after you make a great impression, or it might take years.

You can enhance your consultants' skills. Pro bono projects are especially helpful for younger, less experienced consultants because pro bono clients are often willing to give consultants more freedom to perform and offer friendlier, noncorporate environments, which most consultants enjoy.

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