There's pure joy in thanking those who helped bring this book to life. None of this would have been possible if my good friend, colleague and confidante, Marty Rosenthal, hadn't taken a chance and hired me as a consultant.

Over the past 20 years, my partner at Deloitte, Mike Deverell, taught me the art and craft of consulting and showed me how integrity, professionalism, and value draw clients to a consulting practice.

I've been fortunate to work alongside some of the finest consultants in the profession. A very special thanks to Tom Dekar, John Demetra, Peter Gertler, Erik Gilberg, Greg Seal, Phil Strause, and Jack Witlin. Hundreds of others at Deloitte also shaped my thinking about this book. I wish I could thank each of you personally for your generosity and collegiality, but you know who you are.

Most of all I learned from clients. They always let you know when things are right and when they're not.

From our first conversation, my co-author, Jay Levinson, provided the glue that holds this book together. From the roughest proposal outline to the completed manuscript, Jay steered the project with his experience and keen intellect. No problem was too big or small for Jay's attention. All I had to do was ask and Jay was there to lend a hand.

It was a rare treat to work with my agents, Michael Larsen and Elizabeth Pomada. They knew exactly when to apply the right pressure to keep the project moving, and they never gave up on the idea. Without their guidance, this book would still be a pile of notes.

The team at John Wiley & Sons made the editing and production of the book seem like magic. My editor, Mike Hamilton, was there to answer every question, solve any problem, and keep the book on the right track. Deborah Schindlar, my Wiley production editor who worked with Pam Blackmon and her team at Publications Development Company; Kimberly Vaughn; and Michelle Becker brought the book from rough manuscript to the bookshelves, and I owe each of you a debt of gratitude.

Mark Steisel, my friend and colleague, contributed his blood, sweat, and tears to this book. Mark has a feel for the language that most of us simply dream about. His perseverance, editorial touch, and inspiration helped bring this book to a whole new level.

Every author has a secret weapon—that one person who is there to do whatever is needed, no matter what. My generous sister-in-law, Mary Dillon, is my secret weapon. Thank you, Mary, for tending to just about everything when writing and editing took over my life.

To my wife, Sally, you stuck by me when the going got the toughest. You gave selflessly of your days, nights, and weekends editing and reediting every last chapter of this book. I have no words to describe what your devotion has meant to me. You are in my mind and heart at all times. This book is for you.

The Guerrilla Marketing brand has grown in 20 years from a single book to a library of books available around the world. One of the main reasons for that success is authors such as Michael W. McLaughlin who bring the spirit, the wisdom, and the practicality of Guerrilla Marketing to vibrant life.

I want to acknowledge Mike's painstaking work and superb writing. It is not easy to write a Guerrilla Marketing book. But he has done it with grace and aplomb.

I also single out for gratitude some of the same people that Mike has identified-Mark Steisel, writer and editor extraordinaire, and Mike Larsen and Elizabeth Pomada, the shepherds of the brand-who have been my literary agents since the first book-and will be my agents for many more books.

Finally, I thank Jeannie Huffman, president of Guerrilla Marketing International, who has built the brand, as people like Michael and I have crafted the words.

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