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You registered with the top Affiliate Program Providers in Step #1.

In Step #2 you identified lucrative affiliate programs and chose the one you considered the best.

Now sign up with that program. Follow the link to their "Affiliate Program" page and follow the instructions.

If the company has its own Affiliate Program, just follow the instructions and join. Once you have registered and have a username and password log in.

Look for something like: "Get Links". This will take you to a page where you can copy the link to their website with your Affiliate ID embedded in it. Simply highlight the link, for example:

Copy and paste your link into a text file. You can use notepad for this. Save your text file. For example: lowcostlendinglink.txt.

If the Merchant does not have their own Affiliate Program and instead uses one of the top Affiliate Program Providers like Clickbank or CJ they will have links on their site for you to Login or Join. If you've already joined, simply login. Otherwise, join now and then login.

Once you have logged in, the steps are the same as above. For example, in CJ, go to the "Get Links" area for that particular merchant. Copy and paste the URL link in to a text document. For example:

This is the link that you will later paste into your "Destination URL" field of your Google AdWords. This link has your affiliate ID in it.

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