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There are thousands of affiliate programs to choose from. Below I will give you 5 methods to find lucrative affiliate programs to join. But first, I want to list some things to consider when trying to distinguish an excellent program from an average one.

1. Look for affiliate programs that have a high pay rate for each sale. It takes the same amount of effort to market a program with small commissions as it does to market one with large commissions. The higher the commission, the less traffic you will need to meet your revenue goals. Suppose, for example, you are promoting satellite dish sales and would like to earn $1,000 a month. One company may pay you $25 per sale and another $50 per sale. For the first company you will have to make 40 sales to reach your goal. With the second you will only need to make 20 sales.

2. Look for affiliate programs that offer unique products in a hot market.

3. Lifetime Commissions. Some affiliate programs give you commissions on every product that is sold to the customer, forever.

4. See how often they send checks. Some affiliate programs send checks every two weeks while others, like Amazon, send checks quarterly.

5. You can increase your revenue potential with two-tier programs. This means that you can create an extra stream of income without doing anything for the life of the program. Two-tier programs reward you for referring other affiliates to the merchant as well as for customers. Every time you refer another affiliate, and they join, they become a sub affiliate under you. You receive a percentage of their commissions. The sub affiliate still receives full commission. It is the Merchant that pays the extra.

Below are 5 methods for finding lucrative affiliate programs to join and promote.

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