Spelling Mistakes

One Successful technique for keeping cost per click low and profit margins high is using Spelling Mistakes. Find an Affiliate Program with high commissions. Then research keywords associated with the product. Make a list of the keywords that get the most traffic and check them with Wordtracker (Overture's Maxbid Tool works as well). You will find that these keywords are usually expensive - so experiment with them!

Look for common misspellings of the word. For example, I run some ads that go to REI - the online sporting goods store. The word skis costs 95 cents, but the misspelling skiis only costs 5 cents and gets a lot of traffic every month. Spend some time searching and you will find dozens of common misspellings for your target keywords.

Once you have found the misspelled target keywords and phrases you want to use; create an ad and bid 5 cents for your keywords and phrases. The end result is that you pay only 5 cents for the click through and make a handsome profit. Not bad for a few hours of work.

As illustrated through the misspelling examples above, it is possible to profit in the highly saturated, highly competitive areas by finding keywords, phrases, and misspellings that have been missed, ignored or unrealized.

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Instant Keyword Riches

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