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B. CJ is the largest Affiliate Program Provider and manages the network, tracking and reporting on their activity in real time. CJ also processes monthly commission payments.

The CJ network is, in effect, a third party that connects you with thousands of advertisers and then pays your commission checks. This means that you can become affiliated with eBay and other merchants within their network and receive a link to their site with your Affiliate ID in it. When someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase you receive a commission.

CJ has a terrific history of on-time payments and receives great feedback from affiliates.

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For the web site or newsletter name field, if you have a website, enter the name here and the URL in the next field. Otherwise, just enter a newsletter name. It can be anything. For example, you could enter something like: The Web's Best Stores, or the Top 100 Stores on the Internet, or Reviews of the Best Flower Shops Online, etc. You get the idea.

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