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Some affiliate programs have a much higher profit potential than others. These high profit programs are easy to find.

Overture is a useful source when looking for high-profit affiliate programs.

While you search Overture, look for sites that spend a lot of $ per click. Because these sites are making a large profit, they can afford a high per click cost. This means a higher profit potential for you.

Find profitable affiliate sites and mimic their ideas. Remember, we are not building websites here, so this is simple and fast.

Let's walk through the process. Go to Overture's Maxbid Tool and do a search for mortgage. At the time I wrote this eBook the top bid for mortgage was $12.00 per click. Most of the people bidding on Overture for the keyword mortgage are actually mortgage companies and not affiliates. Don't waste your time looking at them.

We want to focus on affiliates. These are going to be sites that compare various mortgage companies or that have a link taking you to a mortgage site's Application Form. At the time this eBook was written there was a bid for $3.05 for a mortgage comparison site, in 10th place on Overture. This

Affiliate site must be making a lot of commissions if it can afford to bid $3.05 per visitor.

This would be a good site to visit. Visit affiliate sites with high keyword bids. Click on their links and see which merchants and affiliate programs they are using.

Here is another example:

Do a search for "casino" on Overture. The top bid at this time is $18.00 for "casino". This bid is for an affiliate site that compares 30 online casinos.

They are paying $18.00 for every visitor to their site. They must be making a lot of money if they can afford this. We can assume that they are making at least that much in profits per visitor, which is enormous.

I'm not suggesting that you pay $18.00 or even $3.05 per click, but only want to show you, two examples of how to locate affiliate sites with great profit potential.

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