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Back to our example, where you simply love products and want to tell everyone about them...

You create a site that really raves about MYSS! 2002 and all the other products. Actually, it uses a lot of the principles of MYSS! 2002 to sell your visitors. You mean every word of it, of course. And you are really proud of your site and you know that you are doing visitors a favor by telling them about the SiteSell products.

Whoa! Let's shift the focus from you for a second. Let's focus on your visitor's mindset. Up above, I said...

Get inside your visitor's head -- realize how she will feel each step of the way. Whatever you do, consider the impact on your visitor -- if it does not make her "open to buy," don't do it.

So maybe you see an honest site that tries to share the benefits of MYSS! 2002 with your visitor. But your visitor does not know you or your motivations. She might very well see a straight sales effort. With no other true content, it would be hard "for an outsider" to see it any other way.

It does not matter what you see. If your visitors basically perceive a straight sales effort for your merchants, you're SELLING, not PREselling. That means that the two-step process is now SELL-SELL...

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