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What do you ask from prospective merchant partners?...

"Show me the money!" -Jerry Maguire (1996)

So far we have completed the first two sections of our syllabus. Check off each of these topics, or if you can't recall what they mean, review them before proceeding to DAY 3. Remember, each DAY builds upon the next. So the previous material must be firmly planted in your mind, and each Goal-of-the-DAY must be completed, if you are to succeed.

Now, check off each of the following...

Affiliate Masters Section One

• Business Basics

• Income and Expenses

• Traffic, Click Throughs, and Conversion Rates

• PREselling and Your Visitor's Mindset

Affiliate Masters Section Two

Brainstorming Concepts for Your Site

• Picking the Concept With the Most Profit Potential

• Developing HIGH-PROFITABILITY Topics for Your Site

• DEMAND, SUPPLY and BREAKOUT tools, and the



• How to pick the HIGHEST-PROFITABILITY topics

• Analyzing (and using!) the competition

OK? No omissions? Good news!

Let's keep going and finish the last of the prep DAYS... DAY 4.

Goal-of-the-DAY... Choose 3 affiliate programs that fit with each of your 3 Site Concepts/5 HIGH-PROFITABILITY KEYWORDS (per concept) that you developed in DAYS 2 and 3. You must rate these merchants as excellent, and you must feel good about representing them. Remember, your recommendations reflect upon who you are.

Ongoing Goal... Find, research, and select more POSSIBLE PARTNERS. Rotate the technique used (ie., Search Engines, Affiliate Directories, etc.). Continue to choose on the basis of fit and excellence.

With these goals in mind...

Only one thing to do before you finalize on the Site Concept/Concept Keyword of your Theme-Based Content Site...

Grow a list of good merchants with affiliate programs who have product lines that fit. Then we'll choose the best ones and group them according to HIGH-PROFITABILITY keywords.

Yes, you have already started this process on DAY 3 by using AltaVista, Google, Overture, and/or Ixquick to build groups of POSSIBLE PARTNERS for each keyword in your MASTER KEYWORD LIST, right?

However, DAY 3 was more focused upon getting good ideas for content and a feel for your market space (DEMAND, SUPPLY, SUPPLY SITE INFO).

It's time to grow your list further...

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