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Bing Bang Profits is the brand new software that can be used to instantly generate high-converting ads on Bing search engine. The platform is designed with the world's first secret technology that enables you to create unlimited profitable campaigns and see the results in just 24 hours. It is an easy platform to set up for anyone since it also features training that will find and create several winning ads that convert for you immediately with a simple push of a button. Just choose the niche you want, any keyword, and create several high converting ads immediately for sales, or leads. The training that comes with the platform includes case studies you can copy so that you too can create your own several high converting marketing campaigns on Bing Ads. You can get started with this tool even without any prior experience. You will learn how to generate leads and sales using this web-based tool in just three days. Bing Bang Profits will help you generate leads and affiliate marketing sales with huge ROI, through the CPA Affiliate marketing strategies that help the creator of the program boost his earnings. Read more here...

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In conclusion, I would say that the learning curve for this software is quite steep and lengthy to get the full benefits from it's use. But if you are prepared to put in the hours needed to learn it's full capabilities this piece of software will give you many times that back. I can recommend this software to anyone.

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Quality Score Optimization

Quality score optimization, or QSO, is a set of strategies for improving quality score. Quality score is a principal ranking factor that search engines use to determine your relative ranking and pricing for a particular keyword listing. In today's PPC advertising environment, the highest bidder does not always win. Instead, Google and other leading search engines rank Web sites based on numerous quality factors, and use your designated maximum cost per click as only one of many factors that determine whether you achieve a given keyword placement. The goal of QSO is to understand the factors that Google and others use to calculate quality score so that you can maintain PPC advertisements at the highest possible position and the lowest cost per click. The primary factors that search engines consider for calculating quality score are click-through rate, ad group and campaign structure, ad copy, landing page quality, and keyword bid. Note that many of the quality score factors influence...

So whats your daily budget now on the Pay per Click

The AdWords, pump the AdSense, once I feel I'm getting more and more revenue out of AdSense, then I'm going to start looking more at AdWords and driving it through that. On the ones that I have out there, they're actually pretty good. I mean for conversion ratio, I get typically like 4 to 6 for the things that I'm looking at. Which for me, has been just fine. I mean, that's not a problem. I'd like to get higher but. when I did my initial AdWords, my click throughs were less than a percent many times. Maybe one and a half percent or something like that.

Step 5 How To Write Google AdWords that get clicks

Soon you will setup your Google AdWords campaign. But first you will need to work on writing your Ads. When setting up your Google AdWords campaign, Google requires that you first write the ad, and then choose your keywords and phrases. However, there is a better way. I recommend that you first select your keywords and phrases and then write your ads. This allows you to write your ads in accord with the keywords you choose. I always research keywords first, then I write the ad and setup my Google AdWords Campaign. If you find yourself setting up your AdWords Campaign before you have had time to write ads or do keyword research, then only create a bogus ad, so you can move on to the next step. Return later to revise your Ad. Google has some basic AdWords guidelines to consider while writing your ad. Your headline must be less than 25 characters (including spaces). You are given an additional 2 lines for text. Each line is limited to 35 characters (again including spaces).

Step 6 Setup your Google AdWords Campaign

Before you get started with Google AdWords spend a little time on their site getting to know their system. Visit Take the Quick Tour Then, read the Program Details and FAQ Next, read Google's step by step guide on how to setup your Google AdWords Campaigns. Take a few minutes and read the guide now. Once you have browsed the Google Adwords website, and read the FAQ and the setup guide, Click on the Sign up Now button.


As you can see, there were 1,391,225 searches for 'personals' at Overture and its search partners in the previous month. absolutely dating free personals 204 dating lesbian personals 204 dating lesbian personals free dating personals free dating personals dating site dating service online dating service online dating free dating on line dating christian dating service internet dating service dating web site free online dating gay dating christian dating senior dating I make quick notes about other ideas that come to mind as I use the Overture Keyword Selector tool. I keep this part of the process fairly quick because Overture's Keyword Suggestion tool is limited in scope, and the number of searches it returns isn't always reliable. An alternative to the Overture Keyword Selector, is the Pixelfast tool which incorporates both the Keyword Selector and Overture's advertisers' maximum bid prices. It is also free to use and is available at

Pay Per Click Search Engines

Pay per click search engines are another indispensable tool for doing market research on the Internet. Pay per click search engines, such as, allow you to generate instant traffic to your Web site by paying a small amount for each visitor click. When I want to be very thorough, I use all four of following pay per click search engines to do my research. When I'm in a hurry or feeling somewhat lazy, I just use the top two that are listed. Overture 7Search Overture 7Search Yikes Eighteen dollars PER CLICK That's rich. You can see that doing research at the PPC's may help you quickly eliminate certain topics if you plan to market your site using pay per click search engines in a big way. By the way, if you plan to try this out before reading the following sections, you should know that Overture masks its advertisers' bids. It's easy enough to find out what they are however. Simply click on the link labeled 'View Advertisers Max Bids' near the top right hand corner of the...

OK So in order to get the traffic to your pages where theyre signing in for the optin lists you mentioned that you use

I think Google is the best, but the problem with the Google a little bit, you know, they change their pricing that's the only thing that irritates me actually. I mean, sometimes I get an e-mail saying, about your ads, and I check what it is. They say well, keywords and they change the keywords, they raise it to another .5, I don't I mean, it's terrible.

Yikes Eighteen dollars Per Click Thats rich You can see that doing research at the PPCs may help you quickly eliminate

By the way, if you plan to try this out before reading the following sections, you should know that Overture masks its advertisers' bids. It's easy enough to find out what they are however. Simply click on the link labeled 'View Advertisers Max Bids' near the top right hand corner of the search results page. That action pops a new window in which you'll be asked to enter the code you see next to the input box. Do that, and you're in

Compensation Models of Online Advertising Measuring Campaign Effectiveness

This chapter will explain basic terms that are used for measuring online advertising campaigns and that are important to understand to become familiar with online advertising compensation models discussed further on. As in the world of traditional advertising, cost and effectiveness is an important criterion of online campaigns. Zeff (Zeff, 1999 Chapter 4) put together a glossary of common terms used in media buys and effectiveness evaluation, which is in detail supplemented by Chaffey (Chaffey, 2003 333,382-391).

Did you try Pay per Click and it just didnt work for you

Yeah, I tried Google AdWords, and I kept losing money. So, I was like, forget it Because I spent a month just trying to just take action read a book on Google AdWords, and things like that. And apparently, the only way to rank high on them is, if people click on your AdWords and you're bumped to the top.

Create Payper Click Campaigns

With search-engine optimization (SEO), your goal is to rank for free within the organic search results for target keywords related to your Web site. In contrast, with pay-per-click (PPC) your goal is to pay for placement by competing with other advertisers for ranking within the sponsored results section of search results. There is no charge when someone clicks your organic listing, but you are charged every time someone clicks your PPC listing. PPC listings are typically designated as sponsored listings and appear above and to the right of the organic results. The largest and most popular PPC advertising platform is Google AdWords, but competitive platforms are available through Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN adCenter. Before you open a PPC account on Google and start spending money, familiarize yourself with the structure of various components of an AdWords account. You should also study the various free educational resources Google provides. All major PPC engines allow you to...

There are essentially three types of affiliate programs paypersale payperlead and payperclick

Pay-Per-Click affiliate programs are similar to Pay-Per-Lead. Essentially you are paid each time one of your visitors clicks on the link through to that program's site. As Pay-Per-Lead and Pay-Per-Click programs require huge volumes of traffic to generate serious revenue, I prefer Pay-Per-Sale programs because they are performance based. I believe that doing business as an affiliate is about adding value, and I see little value in generating tons of traffic to a merchant's site so that they can collect email addresses to spam large groups of people.

Promote the Application in Pay PerClick and Display Advertising

If it makes business sense, you can also promote your application by paying for traffic in pay-per-click (PPC) and display advertising. Include compelling images and text in your advertisements, with a call to action such as download today or play now, to create a sense of urgency and to improve your conversion rate. There are also application exchange programs such as the one offered by Admob called the iPhone Download Exchange. This app allows you to trade ad-space on your application for adspace on another developer's applications. This helps both developers get their ads in front of more potential buyers.

Yeah you mentioned that you like to use Pay per Click but then you also said some of these article type sites youll use

You know, with the Pay per Click, I try to pick products that are. have a little bit less. well, I guess that's not true. That's a good question, because sometimes I'll pick some that have less competition and sometimes I won't. It's just kind of a trial and error thing with Pay per Click. You know, I'll just look for good products and I'll see how many people are promoting it. Like with dog training, for example, there's like 10 review sites on AdWords that review all the same products, so that I wouldn't get into. But you know, with music, there's a ton too. But there's also a ton of music products and a ton of people searching for music. So with Pay per Click, I guess I just kind of. just kind of trial and error, kind of look at the competition.

Now if youre going with Pay per Click instead of search engine optimization do you like to send them direct to the

It just depends you know, if somebody else is advertising that product and using the ClickBank hoplink directly, then you're going to have problems because, like Google AdWords won't allow two of the same links. So you'd kind of be competing with them, so if that's the case, then it's better to do your own landing page. So I have pages out there that I advertise on Google AdWords, and they have AdSense and ClickBank links, and the AdSense will help me break even, and then all the profit that I make from the sales from the ClickBank is just all profit. Well, for example, I do one that's about cover letters and somebody was already advertising this product through AdWords directly to the merchant, and I think it was the actual owner of the program itself. And he had a great headline for his AdWords ad, so I just used that on my page for the headline and then underneath it, I just I don't really do, at least for Pay per Click, any reviews, any review sites or anything. Because to me,...

The Cost of Doing Internet Advertising and Business

Online marketing is sometimes is the only good way to advertise and sell. More often, it as one of several media to be tested and used as long as they are cost-effective. But in most cases, Internet marketing will not be a cost saver. As more people are learning every day, whatever online marketing saves on handling paper work, the costs for media charges and people usually equal the savings. Learning how to use Internet advertising as all or part of your marketing mix reinforces four more of direct marketing's oldest rules of thumb

An Introduction to Payper Click Campaigns

In February 1998, Bill Gross of Idea Labs launched the first pay-per-click, or PPC, search engine, The search engine pioneered the process of pay-per-click advertising, which allows advertisers the option of bidding on how much they would be willing to pay to appear at the top of results in response to specific searches. later became known as Overture, which was eventually acquired by Yahoo and renamed Yahoo Search Marketing. In the fall of 2000, Google followed suit and introduced its own PPC service, Google AdWords. Similar to Yahoo Search Marketing, Google AdWords lets prospective advertisers sign up and show advertisements triggered by keywords on the Google search engine and its syndicate partners. Within the matter of a few years, Google AdWords quickly became the largest and most used PPC advertising platform in the United States and remains so to this day. Structure an AdWords Account The basic concept of PPC advertising is very simple. Although the...

Learn About AdWords Accounts

You can use a Google AdWords account to purchase pay-per-click advertisements on the search engine and the Google Search Network. The Google Search Network consists of Google partner Web sites, including Web sites such as,, and There are three levels within a Google AdWords PPC account account, campaign, and ad group. An account is a unique e-mail address and password with unique billing information. Your account is targeted to the time zone and currency you select. An advertiser can have multiple accounts linked together into a Client Center. The second level of a Google AdWords PPC account is the campaign level. Each of your accounts can contain various campaigns. Think of a campaign as a strategy. One campaign may be for keywords related to your trademark another campaign may target a certain demographic or relate to a seasonal offer. You can have up to 25 campaigns in your Google AdWords account. Each of your PPC campaigns has start and end...

Paid Search Marketing

With paid search marketing, also known as pay per click (PPC), you can start driving qualified traffic to your website in minutes. With paid search you have complete control over when and how your keyword-targeted ads are displayed. Paid search ads, or Sponsored Listings , appear on the top and right side of the search results page when somebody performs a search. As an advertiser you bid on individual keywords and only pay when somebody clicks on your ad. One of the biggest benefits of paid search is that you have an instant feedback loop. You can test different keywords, ads, and landing pages very quickly, which allows you to optimize your marketing campaigns in a fraction of the time it would take with other advertising mediums. This allows you to maximize your return on investment (ROI). There are several Pay Per Click Search Engines (PPSE) on the market. However, this section will only focus on the big two Google, and Yahoo. These two search engines are considered the most...

Using Google AdWords Editor

As your AdWords account grows larger, it becomes increasingly more difficult to manage. Google's AdWords Editor helps advertisers manage large accounts and enables you to edit your accounts while offline. AdWords Editor, located at inti en adwordseditor, is a free software application that works on both Windows and Apple computers and is continually updated for optimal performance. AdWords Editor allows you to download your account, make additions and changes at any level of your account, and then post those changes directly to Google when you are done. You can work on your AdWords accounts from any location and then simply post those changes when you are able to connect to the Internet. However, AdWords Editor is best used for making bulk changes to your account. It can quickly and easily create multiple campaigns, ad groups, text ads, and keywords Using Google AdWords Editor Another helpful feature of AdWords Editor is the Revert Selected Changes button. If you are...

Start Your Pay PerClick Campaign Open Accounts with Top 8 Engines

Pay-Per-Click Search Engines (PPCs) allow you to bid for specific keyword placement. They provide great opportunities for driving low-cost, supplemental traffic to your Web site. Boy, does that save time But there's a catch, of course. The most popular keywords have become quite expensive at Overture (now named Yahoo Search Marketing Solutions). And it has been adopting policies (i.e., MatchDriver and Click Index Score) that eliminate or severely hamper your ability to work the keyword fringes. By matching more esoteric, highly-focused terms with more general, competitive terms, they have effectively eliminated many keyword bargains. Nonetheless, there are many worthwhile alternatives to Overture, and using them can be an extremely cost-effective way to build a big list of lifetime customers in a hurry. Let's quickly review the top 8 Pay-Per-Clicks. The grand-daddy of all the Pay-Per-Clicks is

Overture Yahoo Marketing Solutions

Overture continues to drive traffic on a scale unmatched by any other PPC, largely because its paid listings appear on many major SEs like Yahoo and MSN Search. However, due to intense competition and policy implementations discussed earlier, Overture has become too expensive for many small businesses. Don't dismiss Overture entirely though. If you have a great ROI, a phenomenal Overture is no longer accepting spreadsheet submissions from advertisers spending less than 1,000 per month. One special point about Overture Overture will try to advise you to bid in the Top 2 or 3 since so many of their major partners cherry-pick these and report them in or alongside their search results (ex., MSN, Yahoo , etc.). But these are much more expensive and may generate lower Conversion Rates since they are perceived as ads. Register for a bidding account with Overture at

Google Search Network

When you advertise with Google, not only do your ads appear alongside the organic search results on, they also appear on syndicated partner sites like AOL,, Lycos, and iWon. Together, these sites make up what is known as the Google Search Network. Your ads will appear on the Google Search Network when somebody explicitly searches for a particular keyword. Google claims on their website that with the Google Search Network they reach over 80 of US Internet users every month.


Bottom Line on Overture will generate more traffic for you than all other Pay-Per-Clicks, combined - at this time. Overture is now must marketing. (However, it is important to note that the other Pay-Per-Clicks are starting to come into their own. ) Of course, due to its great popularity, each click from Overture will cost you more than from the other Pay-Per-Clicks. Now, though, thanks to Site Build It Manager, submitting bids on the other seven Pay-Per-Clicks only amounts to a few minutes work per engine Good, cheap, targeted traffic In order of approximate importance, here are the next 7 Pay-Per-Clicks. There are many others beyond these, but they do not generate enough traffic to be worth your time

Buy Low PPC Advertising

If you have a 30+ page site with an emerging traffic base, it's time to find your high-value keywords and either create more high-profitability Content or sell Google AdSense ads ( sell high ). And, if your ROI justifies it, it's time to build highly selective Pay-Per-Click campaigns ( buy low ). Goal-of-the-DAY Build PPC campaigns ( buy keywords low ) at the two major Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising programs (Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing).

HttpwwwPay PerClick SearchEnginescom

Let's create an Overture BID-FOR-KEYWORD LIST. (Do it for each engine. But since Overture will drive 80 of your traffic, we'll start here.) Some Pay-Per-Click engines only show you 10 sites on the first page of search results. In that case, only enter the bids for these. Enter 0.00 for 11-20, because there's really no point in bidding for a spot on Page 2. Site Build It Manager features powerful pay-per-click functionality. The Manager contains a BID-FOR-KEYWORD LIST for every significant Pay-Per-Click engine to make your job as fast and profitable as possible. It automatically researches all the bids at all the engines, showing you where your best bid should be. And it automates mass-submissions to the major Pay-Per-Clicks, too. (All excel templates are available at SBI 's Site Central.) Now it only takes minutes to do what previously took days.

Googles AdWords Program

Trust Google to take the Pay-Per-Click concept to the next level. Many of the protocols inherent in Google's AdWords program are now being adopted (or copied) by other services. (LookSmart and Overture come to mind.) Is AdWords better than your average PPC In some ways, it's better and more flexible. And in some other ways, it's worse. The AdWords program is definitely much harder to wrap your head around, and it's definitely a lot easier to lose money at However, once you do grasp its power, you will become a convert So what makes AdWords different With Yahoo , it's pretty easy to figure out where you are going to appear in the rankings for your selected keywords. All you have to do is determine your bid level, and the corresponding position is yours until someone outbids you. Ultimately, your involvement depends on your budget. The AdWords program isn't nearly so transparent. It does take a little a longer to get into the swing of things with AdWords, but once you do, the...


Bottom line for all Pay For Listing Placement services Stick to Pay-Per-Click offerings that bring you targeted customers and yield measurable results. Kill programs with poor results. Pay-Per-Click SEs are good tools to bolster or supplement the free traffic you are obtaining from your highly optimized Keyword-Focused Content Pages. PPCs can bring you guaranteed, targeted and cheap traffic. Investigate how you can

Yahoo Search Marketing

Yahoo Search Marketing, formerly Overture, was one of the first pay per click search engines on the market. Their reach extends to over 90 of active Internet users. Yahoo Search Marketing is much more transparent than Google. When you advertise on Yahoo you can see exactly who is bidding, what they're paying, and their ad position. This means that you must adopt a different strategy to be successful with Yahoo. There are some specific bidding techniques that I will discuss in Section 5.4.2 that will help you get the most out of your Yahoo advertising campaign. Yahoo's user interface is not as easy to use as Google's, and requires a little more time to master. If you're new to Yahoo Search Marketing, I highly recommend that you download their free workbook, which is available in PDF format. This workbook covers the most important features and bidding techniques. Yahoo Search Marketing Advertising Credit I worked out an exclusive deal with the Yahoo Search Marketing to offer my readers...

Httpsadwordsgooglecomsupport7hben US

Monetize It will help you find excellent PPC opportunities. Besides pointing out what new content you should be creating (high value keywords that have no page yet, or are not ranking well yet), it also helps you build terrific, high ROI PPC campaigns ( buy low ) and where to focus your AdSense ads ( sell high ). Pay-Per-Click advertising is a good way to bolster or supplement the free traffic you are obtaining from your highly optimized Keyword-Focused Content Pages. PPCs can bring you guaranteed, targeted and cheap traffic. Ongoing Goal With PPC advertising, you are spending money to make money. Track and monitor your campaigns so that you know where you are getting your best ROI. Google and Yahoo both provide tools (called Conversion Tracking ) that allow you to track clicks right through to conversion. SBI has its tracking tools to help you verify click-reporting. Before you launch your first PPC campaign, it's a good idea to start an e-zine (or at least your own RSS feed). After...

Other 2nd Tier Paid Search Networks

At the time of this writing (June 2006) there were over 500 paid search networks on the web It would be impossible for me to cover all of these paid search networks because I haven't used 99 of them, and there would be too much information to cover. As an advanced pay per click marketer I have found it very difficult to make money using these 2nd tier networks. I have had the most success with the Tier 1 networks covered in this book (Google, Yahoo, and MSN). If you are new to paid search marketing, I highly recommend that you avoid using 2nd tier pay per click networks, and stick with Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Once you feel comfortable with paid search, you can experiment with them, but you should have realistic expectations about your return on investment. I've heard some affiliates have had some success with a few of their campaigns, but the overwhelming majority of affiliates I have consulted with have lost money.

So you have mentioned the Pay per Click advertising Is there any other type of advertising where you actually pay for it

You know what, we are very fortunate that we don't really have to pay for a lot of advertising now. When I first started out I was doing the Pay per Click, I was also doing ezine advertising. I was buying banners on websites, but we have gotten to the point now where thanks to mainly the traffic that we get from articles, plus I have a huge affiliate base of my own, a good bit of our revenue is now coming from affiliates who sell our products. And there is kind of a residual effect, usually when they go buy one of our products they will come back and buy another and another and another. So, other than the Pay per Click, we are really not putting out any money for advertising at all.

B Payperclick PPC search marketing

Pay-per-click (PPC) search marketing or paid listings are similar to conventional advertising here a relevant text ad with a link to a company page is displayed when the user of a search engine types in a specific phrase. A series of text ads usually labelled as 'sponsored links' are displayed as is shown on the right of Figure 8.15(a). Unlike conventional advertising, the advertiser doesn't pay when the ad is displayed, but only when the ad is clicked on which then leads to a visit to the advertiser's web site - hence pay per click Most clicks result in a visit to the site, although there may be a small (usually less than 5-10 ) attrition. The relative ranking of these 'paid performance placements' is typically based on the highest bidded cost-per-click value for each keyword phrase. The company which is prepared to pay the most per click gets top spot. Google also takes the relative clickthrough rates of the ads into account when ranking the sponsored links, so ads which do not...

How MSN AdCenter Works

MSN AdCenter is comprised of Campaigns, Orders, Ads, and Keywords. The illustration below explains the relationship and hierarchy between these parts Figure 6.6.1.a MSN AdCenter Account Structure As you can see from the illustration on the previous page, Campaigns contain orders, which contain ads, which contain keywords (Campaigns Orders Ads Keywords). If you are a Google AdWords advertiser this structure is probably somewhat familiar to you. Now that you have a basic idea about how an MSN AdCenter account is structured, let's discuss these parts in more detail

An Introduction to Quality Score Optimization

In early 2007, Google announced the addition of quality score to its AdWords pay-per-click, or PPC, platform. Google introduced quality score to ensure that advertisers with the most relevant PPC campaigns rank highest within the Google-sponsored results listings. In the past, advertisers willing to pay more for each click could rank as high as they chose for just about any keyword they wanted. This led to those advertisers with the highest budget and risk tolerance monopolizing the sponsored results those with limited budgets and less risk tolerance were left behind. Google's introduction of quality score is a sign that Google is interested in serving advertisements that lead to the most relevant search results and overall user satisfaction. There are some simple and complex methods you can use to optimize your PPC account and generate higher quality scores. Structuring your account properly is the first, and most important, step of the quality score optimization process. Other steps...

Overtures Search Term Suggestion Tool

To assist its over 80,000 advertisers choose keywords and phrases relevant to their sites and businesses, Overture provides a 'Search Term Suggestion Tool'. As a pay per click search engine, claims to reach more than 80 of active U.S. Internet users through its own engine and those of its partners, Altavista, Yahoo Msn, Lycos, InfoSpace, ESPN and Netscape. Overture's Search Suggestion Tool WordTracker vs. Overture Search Tool You may be wondering why I recommend WordTracker, which although it has a free trial, is a paid service, when Overture's keyword suggestion tool is free to use. Well, actually, Overture's tool is supposed to only be available to paying advertisers. Considering it costs a minimum of 20 per month to maintain an Overture account, that means Overture's tool isn't really free either. However, because I know the URL, and Overture does nothing to password protect it, I can offer it here. They may wise up in time and make it impossible to use without...

Payperclick search engines are another option

Another area that will cost you for traffic is what is known as pay-per-click services. And although I have dabbled in the area of paid search, I have been too busy with my natural search business to really dig in. And I have heard the stories, - many from students of mine who have generated great incomes using paid search During the conference, Ed shared with me his success with paid search, - and more particularly Google AdWords, -and offered to give me some assistance in this area. He also gave me a nice software tool that he uses (and that I believe he had developed) to prepare his own keywords for his search campaigns. Also please feel free to pass on my AdWords AdWrapper & Value Per Visitor Tool that I gave you to your members and students at no charge to them. If you would like me lo arrange a special download page on my site for them to make it easier for you I arm happy lo do so. Just let me know. It wasn't until a few months later that I took him up on his offer and had him...

Create an AdWords Campaign continued

There are many adjustments that you can make to your campaign settings to take advantage of the advanced functionality offered by Google AdWords. On the most basic level, you can set a campaign ending date if you are only interested in running your campaign up to a certain date. On a more advanced level, you can choose to set different maximum bids for clicks generated at different times of the day. Be sure to accurately set a campaign daily budget and select whether you want your budget spent on a standard or accelerated basis. Choose the Standard setting to allow Google to spread your clicks throughout the day while hitting your daily budget. Choose the Accelerated setting to spend your daily budget as quickly as possible. If you spend your entire daily budget in Other important options to consider are the opportunity to display your ads only at certain times of the day. Use the AdWords Ad Scheduling feature to adjust the display times of your ads. You can choose to turn your ads on...

Pay PerClick Advertising

Pay-Per-Click advertising brings you guaranteed Page 1 positioning for your keyword. That's the good news. The bad news is that it is advertising, so it stops when you stop spending money, and it has less PREselling power. In the past, PPCs were actually considered Search Engines at which you bid for top keyword placement in the search rankings. Overture (now known as Yahoo Search Marketing ) was considered a good Search Engine. It even won a couple of relevance contests. FindWhat (now MIVA ), an excellent second tier PPC engine, also did a credible job. But that model has morphed. Few people actually search at Overture or the others anymore -- no one considers PPCs to be Search Engines at this point. Instead, they distribute ads through their network of Search Engines (mostly Yahoo ) and major content sites (CNN, etc., through Content Match which you can safely ignore). Google's entry intensified the Pay-Per-Click advertising format (as opposed to placement ). It's a subtle but...

Taking your list of Passion Topics above I did a search on the term wine using Overtures Search Term Suggestion Tool

Because of my personal success with dating sites, I often gauge a topic's potential by comparing its primary keyword against the keyword 'dating'. 'Dating' usually receives around three hundred thousand searches per month at Overture and its partners. Checking the results below, there were over 221 thousand searches for the term 'wine' and related phrases in just one month. Let's look at the keywords and phrases that were returned by the Overture search for 'wine'. Although Overture doesn't permit advertisers to place listings for keywords and phrases that receive fewer than 100 searches per month, I left those terms in the above list for their research value. Recognize too that the number of searches will fluctuate from month to month, especially with seasonal topics, so it's best not to hastily exclude any possibilities during the research process. Certain keywords may not be accepted for pay per click listings this month or next, but perhaps they will be accepted three or four...

Strategies for Using Yahoo Search Marketing

With Yahoo Search Marketing it's very easy to see what the competition is doing. This transparency creates a very interesting dynamic. Instead of focusing on ad quality and relevancy, advertisers can simply bid their way to the top positions. Some side-effects of this pay for placement environment include bid gaps, bid jamming, and bid wars. These are problems that typically don't occur in Google because nobody can see what their competitors are bidding. This section will show you how to get the most out of your Yahoo Search Marketing campaign, and how to avoid some costly mistakes.

Types of Online Advertising Overview of online advertising types

As shown later in chapter 2.2, online advertising is sometimes virtually the only source of revenue for content providers. In order to be able to understand their preferences in online advertising, it is necessary to outline what specific types of advertising content providers can use. Chyba Nenalezen zdroj odkazu. gives a comprehensive view of types of online advertising and their relation to affiliate marketing. Figure shows all forms of online advertising that can be employed by merchants to acquire customers. Colored fields take advantage of a network of content providers, out of which dark green fields show, where affiliate marketing is applicable. ONLINE ADVERTISING Search Marketing Figure 2 - Overview of online advertising and its relationship to affiliate marketing. Based on categorization by Zeff, 1999 26-58, Chaffey, 2003 and Janoschka, 2004 51-72

Mobile Display and Pay PerClick Advertising

If you are doing display or PPC advertising (on mobile or traditional platforms), always promote your mobile content. Instead of linking to the home page of your mobile or traditional website, you can link directly to an optimized download page, application, video, or coupon. If you are doing PPC, include the name of your application and the platform it is built for, as well as the hook or call to action, in your

Online Advertising

Simply having a company website on the internet, although it is a form of promotion, is not considered as online advertising any more (Chaffey, 2003 310). Instead, advertising is the mean of attracting customers to that website - a form of traffic acquisition (Chaffey, 2003 324). For content providers, online advertising is an important revenue stream. As we will show later in chapter 2.1.6, affiliate marketing, based on result-oriented compensation methods, is a special form of selling advertising space. To understand when it is beneficial, we need to understand advantages and disadvantages of other possibilities that content providers have.

Paid Search

Google, Yahoo, and other search engines provide the capability to perform a paid search to locate your product website. Be very careful when employing any type of paid search because it will dramatically eat into your profits. You are basically paying for potential customers to click over to your site when they do a Google (or Yahoo) search for your products or services. When they perform a search, your website will appear in the paid listings section of these search engines. When a user clicks over to your website you are charged a fee for each click through. If your app is priced between 0.99 and 1.99 paid search is probably not worth the bother because your cost for click-throughs will be very high when compared to the price of your app. The challenge with paid search is that it's going to direct traffic to your product website. You then have to get the visitor to click over to the App Store to purchase your app. The odds of this happening drop dramatically for this two-step...

Google AdWords

If you do a search at Google, you'll notice that not only do you get a list of all the sites that return your keyword, you also get a list of other relevant ads on the right of the page and at the top of the listing. These are part of Google's AdWords program. Advertising like this can certainly be an important part of your marketing plan. Well developed ads with clever wording can prompt an immediate response from the reader to visit your site. Google makes a lot of money with this kind of advertising, and if they're making money, you can be sure their advertisers are too. You can learn more about Google's AdWords program here select Buying AdWords advertising on Google is a relatively simple and cost-effective way to promote your website. In effect, Google has combined the Pay-per-Click system with their own relevancy calculations. To get started, you'll need to select a keyword and write a short description. You will also have to choose how much you wish to...

The AdWords Analyzer

The AdWords Analyzer is a great tool that saves a lot of time and really The number of advertising campaigns that currently exist - for both Google AdWords AND Overture You can use the Analyzer to identify high traffic search terms that no one is buying Google Adwords for. Another use for the tool is to identify niches that are just too competitive to enter. The Analyzer shows that for the keyword mortgage there are 232 Overture Campaigns and 29 Google Campaigns. Now that is just way too many. As I scroll down the list I see countrywide mortgage only has 3 Google Campaigns. This looks like an opportunity to promote a mortgage companies affiliate program using AdWords for the keyword countrywide mortgage. I recommend the AdWords Analyzer because


Overture is another good indicator of competitive SUPPLY. It is a Pay-Per-Click Search Engine, so the companies you find are serious companies who do some research and are willing to pay for listings. They also tend to be a bit more marketing-savvy. So you'll get useful info here. There are a lot of other Pay-Per-Clicks, of course. But since Overture has been around the longest, bid prices have had more time to rise closer to true market value. Search for fashion model at Overture. At the time of this writing, the winning bid to have the top spot on this search results page is 0.15 (where it says Cost to advertiser at the end of the description for each site -- if you don't see a price, then the regular Search Engine algorithms have simply returned that site for free -- you can have that spot by bidding a penny ). If it's a Merchant site, it's more likely to have an affiliate program than usual, since it's already savvy enough to pay per click. If it does have an affiliate program...

Adwords Analyzer

Just as I was about to do substantial keyword research for some new sites this recently, I was introduced to Adwords Analyzer software that made my work SO much easier and less time-consuming. Normally I use Wordtracker and Overture's Search Term Suggestion Tool to ferret out as many related keywords and phrases as I can and I did that still. Then I transfer all that data into an Excel spreadsheet and write titles and descriptions for my pay-per-click advertising campaigns. Well, Adwords Analyzer showed me exactly on which keywords I should focus my time and attention. In addition to displaying the number of searches conducted at Overture during the previous month for all permutations of the keyword entered, Adwords Analyzer also shows the number of web sites returned for each keyword and the 'results to search' ratio. The interface ALSO displays the number of campaigns currently being run at both Overture and Google for each keyword and keyword phrase.

Search Marketing

As Duffy claims, search marketing is a very special form of online advertising. It is a technique of marketing a website using search engines (Duffy, 2005). According to DoubleClick, this marketing technique has recorded an astonishing growth in past years. In 2001, keyword search formed only 4 of total advertising budget, but just two years later, in 2003, it already was 35 and the estimate for 2004 was already 40 (DoubleClick, 2005). Search marketing comprises search engine marketing and search engine optimization. (Strauss et al., 2006 328-329). Duffy remarks, that when content providers advertise on Google or Overture and attract traffics to their websites through SEM, it is crucial for them to precisely evaluate the conversion rate and set costs on a pay per click basis. (Duffy, 2005)

AdWords Campaign

You should be prepared to create your first campaign, ad group, text ad, and keywords when you open an AdWords account for the first time. The system requires new advertisers to not only enter basic Web site information, but also complete the steps required to display an actual PPC advertisement before the account creation process can be completed. There is a one-time charge of 5, which you should be prepared to pay with a major credit card prior to account activation. When you first begin to create your account, you can create a Starter Edition or a Standard Edition AdWords account. The examples in this book use a Standard Edition account choose a standard account to ensure that your screen matches those depicted in the step-by-step instructions. The Google AdWords sign-up wizard takes you through the steps necessary to create your account. Once your account is created, you must create a campaign. AdWords campaigns allow you to configure numerous features such as the daily budget for...

Pay Per Click

Pay per click advertising is great to get a high volume amount of traffic to your squeeze page in a relatively short amount of time. The only downside It costs money as you quite literally pay a certain price for every click hit that you get to your web page. You can bid different amounts on different keywords, with more highly searched, buy now-type keywords being realistically more expensive. The key to pay-per-click advertising is basically to arbitrage the amount you're spending on the amount that you're making in income from the traffic you're sending to your traffic source. So if you're spending 100 a day on PPC advertising but you're making 200 a day from all of the opt-in signup e-mails you're sending out, then you're arbitraging it correctly and are making money. Banner advertising (which is talked about below) is similar to pay-per-click advertising but is usually measured in a cost per thousand impressions format rather than a cost per click.

MSN AdCenter

This last May (2006) Microsoft released their much anticipated paid search program dubbed MSN AdCenter (http The launch of AdCenter represented the end of a multi-year syndication deal that Microsoft had with Yahoo Search Marketing. Microsoft had been somewhat of a sleeping giant while Google and Yahoo were building their search engine empires. Once Microsoft fully recognized the potential of online advertising they began working on their own search engine and advertising platform. Since Microsoft arrived late to the market, they were able to evaluate the competitive offerings and come up with a few features ahead of Google and Yahoo.

Pay per click ppc

When a user types one of your search terms into the search engine, your ad appears with a description of your services and a link to your site. Each time a user clicks through to your site, you are charged a specified amount. Google, Yahoo , and many other search engines offer this service, which is called Pay per Click, or PPC.

WOW I think I found a good one I said out loud

I then logged in to Google Adwords and setup an Ad for Germany only. This is very easy to do. You just choose the country in which you want your ad to show (more on this in Step 6 pg65). I set it up so that the ad displayed for the keywords ebay,, ebay Deutschland, cds, dvds, etc. (keywords I found from my keyword research). My ad will only show up on German Google which is Here is the Ad

Example 3 Promoting Mortgage Sites

The mortgage industry is a very competitive one. Luckily I was able to find many keywords that are searched for, and have few to no AdWords. As with the example, when I saw that this Google AdWords campaign was very profitable, I had Heidi build a quick webpage with affiliate links on it pointing to Next, I went to Overture and bid on the same keywords that I use in my Google AdWords Campaigns, and I pointed the Overture Ads to http Remember, Overture does not let you link directly to the Merchants site from your Ad with an affiliate link. The Overture ad has to link to a webpage that you own. I also bid on the same keywords with two other PPC engines and

Selecting your keywords

A valuable technique to increase your AdWords keyword awareness is to think like your customer. What circumstances might bring someone to your ad about dog training collars Don't limit yourself to dog training, dog collars, dog accessories, and the like. Some off the beaten path searches may be

Here are some tools you can use to help with your Keyword Research

This will be useful later, when you write an ad for each group of keywords. You will put the ad and group of keywords into separate Ad Groups in your Google AdWords Campaign. 1. Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool. Keep in mind that this tool only shows you keyword s and phrases that have already been searched for. You will want to come up with many more combinations that a person might enter to find your product. Combinations that aren't even in Overture's database yet. This provides a means for getting click traffic for only 5 cents.

Ideas can turn to dust or magic depending on the talent that rubs against it

Do you see the formula These catch phrases are easy to remember. Each phrase entices its reader with curiosity, desire and motivation. And best of all, this simple formula has been proven successful over time and can be easily fitted to any AdWords campaign. A. Catch your customer's eye (use your keywords in your ad, they are highlighted by Google AdWords). Look for other successful AdWords Ads, find the formula in them, then tweak them and make them your own. 2. Use targeted keywords in your Google AdWords. Searched keywords that appear in your headline and ad will be highlighted in bold. The highlighted keywords will draw the user's attention to your ad.

Choose your target languages countries

You will most likely choose English for the language and United States for the country. But you might want to add Canada, the UK and a couple of other countries. You don't want to select all countries since your ad would display in English in non-English speaking countries and you would receive few clicks. Your Click Through Rate (CTR) would go down. The higher your CTR the better. Google AdWords decides how high on the list of results to place your ad, based upon how much you bid per ad, and your CTR.

To determine bid rates

Google AdWords allows you to run two different ads with your keywords which will enable you to compare ad performances. Keep the ad with the higher CTR and replace the other ad with a new one. 13. Be sure to create negative keywords for the terms that do not pertain to your promotion. This gives you more control over who sees your ads so you won't pay for clicks that are unlikely to produce well-targeted results If your keywords are negative-matched, your ad won't show if the user's search includes that word. Add the negative character (-) in front of the keyword you'd like to exclude. For example, if your keyword is satellite dish and your negative keyword is -free, your ad will not show when a user searches on free satellite dish. 19. Keep in mind that you can stop your AdWords from running at any time by clicking on the Pause Ad Group link. 20. Ramp up your efforts during the Holiday Season. From November 1st to Feb 1st you will see a dramatic...

Step 8 Track your campaigns

You will want to keep track of your campaigns and make sure that you are making money and not losing it. Simply log in to your Affiliate Program and visit the Statistics Reporting section. See how much commission you earned that day (or for any day or date range). Then, log in to Google AdWords and see how much that corresponding Campaign cost you the same day. Subtract your costs from your commissions. The result is your profit. Next, I log in to AdWords to see how much my ads cost. I plug that number into my spreadsheet. The spreadsheet calculates how much profit I made that day by subtracting my costs from my commissions. The spreadsheet above is from my Campaign during the 2002 Christmas Holiday Season. I bought Google AdWords for the keywords amazon,, and a few more, for Germany only. When someone in Germany searched for amazon on Google, my Ad appeared. They clicked through and, as you can see from the spreadsheet above, about 30 of them purchased something....

An Important Note for International Users

If you are in a country outside of the US and you do a search on you will not see the Google AdWords that are targeted only for the US. For example, I live in Mexico part of the year. When in Mexico, if I search on for the keyword mortgage - there are only two AdWords. That is because I am seeing AdWords that are either targeted for Mexico or for All Countries. In order to see the AdWords that are only targeted for the US, I visit Then I do my search and I see the US AdWords.

Advertising via Email

According to Janoschka, e-mail is usually the first thing that users check when they connect to the Internet. In the USA, 93 of internet users in 2004 used e-mail on a regular basis. (Janoschka, 2004 45) Although nowadays e-mail advertising is being considered as a synonym for unsolicited e-mail, i.e. spam, there are legal and ethical ways on how to use e-mail as an online advertising media. (Zeff, 1999 26-27) Note Some authors including Strauss et al. do not categorize E-mail in online advertising. Strauss et al. argue that by definition, direct e-mail messages, even if they contain multimedia, are considered direct marketing and not advertising. (Strauss et al., 2006 340-342) However, this polemic is out of the scope of this paper and e-mail will be further in the work referred to as a part of on-line advertising.

Must Have Information Tools

The AdWords Analyzer It used to take me several different tools and steps to determine which keywords I should bid on. Now I have one tool that does it all. I enter a keyword into the application and it shows me a list of all related keywords and how often each was searched for and how many campaigns there are running for each keyword on Google AdWords and Overture. You need to see this 5 Days to Success with Google AdWords My colleague Perry Marshall has written a very helpful e-course called 5 days to success with Google AdWords and there's no charge for it. Unleash the Power of Google AdWords 21 pay-per-click ad secrets - An Excellent report on how to maximize you Google AdWords Campaigns.

Business Models of Content Providers

In order to better understand how content providers position themselves in the online value chain and profit from their websites, it is crucial to comprehend their sources of revenue. Insight into the available business models is needed in order to be able to assess situations under which different forms of online advertising are more or less efficient, which will provide the framework for answering the second research question. 1. Online advertising

Prune Possible Partners By Eliminating Highrisk Programs

+ Type of payment model Pay-per-sale and pay-per-lead are good. This is true performance marketing. If your referred visitor delivers the desired response, you get paid. What about pay-per-click See red flags below. Pay-per-click method of payment. In this method, you get paid whenever a visitor clicks on your link. No purchase or lead-generation necessary. So merchants cancel or change the program. Microsoft's Clicktrade (see above) used to offer pay-per-click backend programming for merchants. They dropped it due to the level of fraudulent activity that hurt merchants.


In this method, you get paid whenever a visitor clicks on your link. No purchase or lead-generation necessary. Unfortunately, it's wide open for abuse -- very sophisticated folks create incentives to get thousands of people to click on their links. But the visitors could care lessabout the products being promoted. It's virtually unstoppable. And merchants end up paying for nothing. So merchants cancel or change the program. Microsoft's Clicktrade (see above) used to offer pay-per-click backend programming for merchants. They dropped it due to the level of fraudulent activity that hurt merchants.

Research Question 2

Base on the categorization by Strauss et al. (2006), interviewee uses selling agent as a business model for the websites. Within financial websites, the model is based on attracting customers by contextual advertising through advertising networks such as Google AdWords, Yahoo or Shopping website, on the other hand, relies more on traffic from natural search result on search engines. Its business model can best fit in subcategory catalog aggregators.


SPECIAL NOTE Use Site Build It to build your site. It will be a snap to set up your own pay-per-click advertising business. Pay-per-click will be easier for you to sell, and in my opinion is a much fairer model for advertising. Research like this may even point you towards changing your concept away from the concept-level keyword of fashion, perhaps aiming more toward discount and outlets -- run these two keywords through the Overture Suggestion Tool, and then see how many competitors those words have. Your best Concept Keyword may actually be, surprise

Examples of websites

The main source of revenue at this website is direct selling of online advertising, minor revenue source is affiliate marketing. (translated earnings-online ) is a website designed to leverage Google AdSense affiliate program. Website contains information about Google AdSense, what information is necessary for application, where to apply, and how the system works. An identical project promoting Google AdWords is used at a different domain.

Case no 1 511 Research Question

How do content providers perceive advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing compared to other forms of online advertising Not different from other forms of online advertising Higher income than in some other forms of online advertising In accordance with the theory, content provider values affiliate marketing, because it brings him an opportunity how to earn additional income from his websites and easy access to new merchants. However, he considers targetability, which is described in the literature as one of the main advantages of online advertising, questionable. He notes that affiliate marketing can be beneficial, but it is necessary to target it very precisely. Therefore, it is necessary to devote large amount of time to find out the most efficient way of employing affiliate program at a particular website. Possibilities of extended tracking offered by affiliate marketing are perceived as advantageous, however the content provider sees them only as a minor benefit....

Case no 2 521 Research Question

How do content providers perceive advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing compared to other forms of online advertising Higher income than in some other forms of online advertising In accordance with theory, also new revenue opportunities and access to new merchants are perceived as affiliate marketing advantages. These advantages are connected with two other benefits, which have not yet been described in theory - higher income from affiliate marketing when compared to other forms of online advertising and easiness of use. The content provider sees affiliate marketing as a very convenient and simple way how to start business on the internet. The necessary starting capital is low and everything is automated, so it does not require devoting too much time to administrating the ads. Moreover, affiliate marketing offers earning higher revenue than when employing other forms of online advertising such as ads from advertising networks.


AOL Search -- your listings are displayed automatically in AOL's Search Engine when you bid on keywords at Overture (which uses Inktomi for its backup search results, so you're covered when you submit to Inktomi via HotBot). Netscape Search -- you are listed automatically in Netscape's Search Engine when you bid on keywords at Overture (which uses Inktomi for its backup search results, so you're covered when you submit to Inktomi via HotBot). Also, Netscape use Google as a secondary Search Engine. So you're covered there, too. (Overture's network partners often only display between the first and third place listings.)

Research Question 1

How do content providers perceive advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing compared to other forms of online advertising Higher income than in some other forms of online advertising it is not different from other forms of online advertising it is not different from other forms of online advertising All three content providers consider new revenue opportunities and access to new merchants as advantages of affiliate marketing. Moreover, they all added, that affiliate marketing not only offers them new revenue opportunities, but that the income generated by affiliate marketing can be significantly higher than when using other forms of online advertising. Deliverability was not considered as an important benefit of affiliate marketing, mostly because content providers did not see any difference between affiliate marketing and other forms of online advertising in this aspect. Neither of content providers thought that affiliate marketing would add their websites any new value....

Traffic acquisition summarized

All three interviewees rely on both forms of search marketing - search engine optimization and search engine marketing, but also try to use other sources for traffic to their websites. In all three cases, search engine marketing, i.e. advertising in search engines, is used mainly for websites that use affiliate marketing and that are targeted to a market niche. A likely reason for this is that content providers are able to track down relevant ads on search engines based on affiliate marketing outcomes and the mathematics for the balance between traffic acquisition costs and affiliate marketing revenue is straightforward.


Register for a bidding account with Overture at While you're there, download their mass-submission Excel template (Basic or Power form, either one is OK -- they prefer if you use the Power form). Site Build It Manager speeds this whole process up and makes it easier, too. The Manager works with all of the Pay-Per-Click engines' mass-submission spreadsheet templates. Some tips from Overture


And for a low-cost alternative for entry into Yahoo Yahoo has partnered with Overture and now displays up to 5 listings from this engine on its results pages. If Yahoo 's annual recurring 299 listing fee is a little much for you, simply bid on a top 5 position for your most important keywords at Overture. While you'll build far more traffic through the free and Pay-Per-Click Search Engines, a Yahoo listing will bring you some traffic. And it will help in your link

Pay For Listingplacement At the Free Search Engines

Since Overture established paid listings as a successful business model for engines, others have sought ways to generate income from their search services. Paying to have your site included in a SE's index is not the same as paying for your list ranking as you would with a Pay-Per-Click engine. Pay-per-inclusion does not guarantee ranking it only guarantees you'll be included in the index - that's it, that's all


Stick to Pay-Per-Click offerings that bring you targeted customers. This yields measurable results. Kill programs with poor results (in the same way as outlined above in the discussions about what makes financial sense at Overture). The best thing about the Pay-Per-Clicks is that they are guaranteed, targeted and cheap traffic. The free bargain if you can figure them out -- some people will do better at it than others. But the Pay-Per-Clicks are guaranteed traffic. Site Build It Manager makes the research and mass-submissions a snap. Goal-of-the-DAY Open an account at each of the 8 pay-per-click engines. Bid on 3 keywords at Overture. Ongoing Goal Broaden your bidding until you have placed bids for 100 keywords at the 8 biggest pay-per-clicks.


1) Place ad in an e-zine, or bid on keywords from a Pay-Per-Click Search Engine. The link goes to a page on your site that only receives clicks from this ad. It can be a simple duplicate of one of your site's pre-existing pages. But it should not receive links from anywhere else, including even from your own site. This ezine ad on this day ( or this Pay-Per-Click listing) brought in this many visitors of which this many clicked on to this and that merchant. Since you know the Conversion Rate for each of your merchant-partners (or your sales site store), you know whether it makes sense to keep advertising, or to find more targeted e-zines (or more targeted keywords on the pay-per-clicks). This technique works for e-zine ads, opt-in mailings, article submissions that direct readers to your Theme-Based Content Site. And it can be very helpful to test the cost-effectiveness of the Pay-Per-Click Search Engines

Advertising via the

Surprisingly, the simplest form of advertising, text links or text ads, belong to the media that is most effective in online advertising. Moreover, text links are not intrusive and well accepted by users. (Zeff, 1999 47-50) Cho et al. write about the topic that text ads were mainly used by search engines, which placed contextual text ads along the search results. The first successful implementation appeared on, later renamed to Overture and acquired by portal Yahoo . Another search engine, Google, quickly incorporated similar model, named AdWords. Both companies now control vast majority of the market. (Cho et al., 2005) According to some authors including Zeff and Strauss et al., disadvantage of interstitials is the possibility that the users will be upset by interstitials and will choose not to visit the server again. Because the format is very intrusive compared to normal forms of online advertising, interstitials may lead to negative brand image as well. (Zeff, 1999 5558...

Here is the clever and easy way to promote products and services

Google AdWords Select is a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising system maintained by Google. If you use Google you have probably seen the AdWords. They appear as little text ads next to search results on Google. Content-Targeted Advertising service is Google's latest addition to AdWords. It displays AdWords ads on web content pages related to your chosen keywords. This provides broader exposure and greater reach for your AdWords campaign. Not only will the AdWords show on Google searches and on the search results of their partners, but also on other websites such as HowStuffWorks, Weather Underground, and Blogger. With Google AdWords you create your own ads. You choose keywords which tell Google where to show your ads. You only pay when someone clicks on them. You have total control over every aspect of your campaign. Real-time online reporting tells you what's working. You can put limits on daily spending. Changes are free and instant. The Google AdWord system works differently than a...


The thesis identifies main advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing for content providers and specifies conditions, under which affiliate marketing is more beneficial than other types of online advertising. Moreover, the process of selecting affiliate marketing program by content providers is described.

Example 1 wwwebaycom

I next conducted a search with the free Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool. This tool tells you how many times a keyword or phrase was searched for on Overture's Search Engines during the previous month. This is useful in determining the popularity of particular keywords and particular markets. Google does not have this tool. Therefore Overture's estimates can be applied to searches, for the same keyword, on Google's Search Engines fairly accurately. Overture- Search Term Suggestion Tool - Wicroso. According to Overture, the keyword ebay was searched for 8,080,961 times during March 2003 on Overture's and their partner's search engines. There are rumors on the Net that Overture slightly inflates its numbers because Overture wants advertisers to bid on their search terms. Even if that number is not 100 percent accurate, it is probably a good estimate as to the number of times a particular keyword is searched for on all search engines. Next I used Overture's Maxbid Tool to see how much...


I then bought Ads for the same keywords that I bought ads for with Google AdWords ebay,, etc. This greatly expanded my reach. Overture Ads show on their partner sites including MSN, Yahoo and CNN. Buying ads with Overture is the same procedure as buying ads with Google with one important distinction. Overture does not let you link directly to the Merchants site from your Ad with an affiliate link. The Overture ad has to link to a webpage that you own. For example, since you are not the owner of you are not allowed to link directly to from your ad. Overture requires you to link to your own page. The person then has to click on the affiliate link to from your webpage. In short, Overture requires the user to follow a two-step process. They click on your ad which directs them to your website. On your website you provide the merchant link. Upon clicking the link, the user is directed to the merchant site. Contrastly, Google AdWords is a one step...


Chaffey describes the simplest model of online advertising on figure 1. In the example, Ad site displays thousand times an ad, on which 10 visitors click (hence 1 clickthrough). Those visitors are taken to the Destination site, where 1 of them actually purchases the advertised goods. In this case, spending of 20 on displaying the ad resulted in one sale, thus the advertising cost per purchase was 20 (Chaffey, 2003 332). Detailed information about online campaigns efficiency and its calculation is described later in this paper. Figure 1 - Basic model of online advertising (Adapted from Chaffey, 2003 332) Figure 1 - Basic model of online advertising (Adapted from Chaffey, 2003 332) As Zeff points out, first web ads on the Internet copied the world offline. A part of a website was assigned to advertisements, which usually had rectangular format and did not take more than about 10 of page space (Zeff, 1999 1). Later on, website visitors got used to the standard banners and it was...


Overture is a useful source when looking for high-profit affiliate programs. While you search Overture, look for sites that spend a lot of per click. Because these sites are making a large profit, they can afford a high per click cost. This means a higher profit potential for you. Let's walk through the process. Go to Overture's Maxbid Tool and do a search for mortgage. At the time I wrote this eBook the top bid for mortgage was 12.00 per click. Most of the people bidding on Overture for the keyword mortgage are actually mortgage companies and not affiliates. Don't waste your time looking at them. We want to focus on affiliates. These are going to be sites that compare various mortgage companies or that have a link taking you to a mortgage site's Application Form. At the time this eBook was written there was a bid for 3.05 for a mortgage comparison site, in 10th place on Overture. This Do a search for casino on Overture. The top bid at this time is 18.00 for casino . This bid is for...

Create Ad Group

Still in Google AdWords Setup, Click on the link AdWords Editorial Guidelines . Read through these. They show you the proper, allowable format for writing your ad. For example, ALL CAPS are not allowed. Make sure you read and learn these guidelines. If you do not follow them your Ads will be rejected and you will have to rewrite and resubmit them.

Sign up

This takes you to the final step, step 4 - Sign Up. Enter your email address. You will use it to log into your account. Enter a password. Then Click on I agree - Create my AdWords account. Once you have clicked the button you will receive an email telling you how to verify your email address and activate your ads. Your ads will not run and you are not committed to a purchase until you have completed these final steps. Look for the email from Google AdWords in your mailbox. Once you receive the email, click on the link given in the email and log into Google AdWords. Next, submit your billing information - your credit card info.


Read and Learn Google's Optimization Tips. 2. Google AdWords provides matching options for search terms, allowing you to refine your ad targeting, and reducing your cost-per-click (CPC). Click Here to view Google's new multimedia online tutorial of keyword matching options.


Now that you have an Affiliate Link to GoogleCash simply use it in your Google AdWords Campaigns (or on your website, eBook or in e-mail messages). It is that easy Now all you have to do is research keywords that I have not come up with. Trust me there are many. I have barely scratched the surface. Remember Step 4 - Researching Keywords. Then, log in to Google AdWords and setup a campaign for those keywords.

Pricing Models

Hoffman and Novak were already in 2000 writing about inadequate pricing models that were used for online advertising. They argue that pricing was derived from traditional advertising media, such as magazines. Instead of the price being dependant on the number of readers, online content providers charged for number of visitors, i.e. for ad impressions (PPI, pay per impression). Although this model seemed to look fair, big advertisers soon realized that the costs they were paying was too high in comparison with their margins and lifetime value of acquired customers.

Pop Ups

As I mentioned earlier in the book, Google will disapprove AdWords that go to sites with pop-ups on the landing page. At first look this seems like a big problem. You want to promote a website but they have a pop-up on their home page, so your AdWords will be disapproved.

Rise of Prices

According to Bruner, whilst in early years of online advertising the offer of advertising space highly exceeded the demand for online advertising by merchants, the situation has changed in 2004. Prior 2004, online advertising was considered to be relatively cheap. In 2004, large media buys, especially within some industries, caused shortage of advertising space, which of course ended up in the rise of the online advertising price. This spin-up of prices made the advertisers thoroughly inspect their advertising spending and implement complex measures how to evaluate the outcomes. Merchants are aware that some part of their advertising spending is generally wasted and they are searching for advertising models with better effectiveness. On the other hand, the overall growth of online advertising brings content providers wider variety of options how to sell their free advertising space and it is more difficult to attract them. (Bruner, 2004)

Free eBooks

Google Cash 2004 Special Report From Chump To Champ An Education in AdWords Success with the Google Cash System Jeremy Wilson, one of Google Cash's star students, shares his methods of using the Google Cash system to average over 1000 a day in profits. All without having a website, or product. He does it with Google AdWords, Affiliate Programs and the Google Cash techniques. And you can too. Pay Per Click Google AdWords Select Overture Google AdWords Keyword Suggestions Google Sets Keyword Suggestion Tool - US Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool US Overture Maxbid Tool German Overture Suggestion Tool German Overture Maxbid Tool UK Overture Suggestion Tool UK Overture Maxbid Tool France Overture Suggestion Tool France Overture Maxbid Tool

Research Questions

Bruner (2004) claims, that since 2004 it has become more difficult for merchants to advertise at the websites of attractive content providers. With the evolution of new types of online advertising and growing interest in online advertising, content providers have more options to choose from (ibid.). While the advantages of affiliate marketing for merchants are theoretically defined (for instance Gallaugher et al., 2001 Hoffman & Novak, 2000 Chatterjee, 2002), benefits for content providers are not described properly. As Libai et al. note, content providers accept risk connected with employing affiliate marketing (Libai, Biyalogorsky, Gerstner, 2003). However, the question, why and when they prefer to take the risk instead of using other types of online advertising, has not been answered so far. In order to cover the research purpose and characterize the usage of affiliate marketing by content providers, we need to find out, what persuade content providers to use affiliate marketing,...


For content providers, online advertising is an important source of revenue, and in some cases even the only source of revenue. Content providers today have wide variety of options how to use online advertising on their websites and towards their users (chapter 2.1.4), as well as they have several options how to sell advertising (chapter 2.1) and a variety of compensation models to set the price for it (chapter 2.1.6). Chapter 2.1.5 further discusses search marketing, the main technique used to attract visitors to content providers' websites. We have drawn a framework to understand possible advantages and disadvantages of online advertising (chapters 2.1.2, 2.1.3), as well as we have covered several forms of affiliate marketing usage (chapter 2.1.1). Combined with knowledge of applicable business models and revenue sources (chapter 2.2), we have assessed the situations in which the usage affiliate marketing is beneficial and in which not.


Ability of precise targeting in online advertising is incomparable to the traditional media. Ads can be targeted according to language, geographic region, time of the day and platform to name few (Zeff, 1999 13). Newly emerged advertising platforms, such as Google AdWords and AdSense, went far beyond common targeting and advertise extensive targeting possibilities as one of their key features. In Google AdWords, ads can be targeted according to Website category or even particular websites using site targeted ads. (Google AdWords Learning Center, 2007) Google's AdWords service has received tremendous acceptance, boosting Google's revenues to USD 10.6 billion in 2006 (Google Press Release, 2007) and its stock price grew five times in three years since Google's IPO in fall 2004. (Yahoo Finance, 2007) Affiliate marketing provides even further ways of targeting. According to Hoffman and Novak, whereas in traditional online advertising it is the merchant, who decides how to target the...

Selection of cases

Second, they had to employ at least one other type of online advertising at their websites, so that they were able to compare affiliate marketing with other advertising options. Furthermore, running websites should have been the primary job for content providers, so that they were highly involved in performance of their websites and generated revenue and tried to achieve the best results for them.

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