Understanding link popularity

It's estimated that Google alone indexes 10 million pages daily!

That's right.

A single search engine must properly sort and rank 10 million web pages every day.

Of course, this presents a huge challenge to its engineers who must devise algorithms that effectively prioritize these pages.

In previous modules, you learned the very best techniques for optimizing your content to attract the attention of search engine spiders, - plus you learned how to do your submissions the right way.

And, until very recently, that was all that was needed to win the search engine wars, as far as I knew.

But, now you must do a little bit more.

The reason is that Google, - along with several major search engines, - has started to "factor in" another important criteria in determining rankings.

So, in addition to the optimization you have done, - the search engines also really want to know who is linking to you.

As the name implies, - the term "link popularity" is a measure of how popular your page is, based on the "number" and "quality" of incoming links from other external pages on the Net!

And, how important a particular page is within your site, -which is based on how many internal links are pointing to that page, - signifying THIS page is IMPORTANT more important than the rest.

Of course, your "money" pages are your Home and Product pages, - so most of the links from your Article pages (internal) and other pages on the Net (external) will "point" there.

Simple really.

All of the major search engines factor link popularity into their relevancy algorithms, in one form or another.

As a result, - by increasing the number of links to your site, (or page) - you can dramatically improve your rankings.

But it is also important to have "quality" links.

A quality link is a link from a site (or page) that already has high link-popularity.

I regularly get PageRank at Google of between 4 and 5, -on many of my pages, - which is very good.

If you find a page on the Net with a similar PageRank at Google, - AND can get a link 'back" to a Home or Product page on your site, - then a "measure" of its PageRank is conferred on your receiving page, - which boosts that page's ranking accordingly.

So, if you found a page with a PageRank of 5, - let's say, -(whether external or internal) and put a link on it to a page with a PageRank of 1, - then the PageRank of the receiving page would typically jump to 3-4 during the next indexing!

I see evidence of this process all over my sites every day.

So please pay close attention to the precise way that I go about this below.

It could be worth a lot of money to you - but you have to learn to do this the right way.

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