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Over the last couple of years, a large number of 'article directories' have emerged on the scene.

Essentially, what they are is a place for webmasters to post articles for free - so that other webmasters who may be in search of content, can grab some articles to post on their sites.

It's a great idea, and if done in moderation, can provide you with a good number of inbound links.

If you take the time to hand pick a few good directories and get in the habit of submitting an article to them on a regular basis, over time you will start to see your articles appear on other sites.

But, make sure you do not overdo this. Remember: You are looking to place the article in only a few select spots -you are NOT looking to mass-distribute it.

Why? Because an article that is overly distributed will be ineffective if it triggers a duplicate content penalty with the search engines.

For this same reason, I would also like to caution you to BEWARE of software that promises to distribute your articles to thousands of sites.

This is fine if you're looking for traffic from the visitors of those sites who may click on the link to your site in the article.

But, if you're distributing articles with the goal of obtaining top listings at the search engines, - then distributing only a few copies of each article are best.

The process to take advantage of this strategy is very simple:

1. Research and write a quality article

2. Add 2 or 3 anchor text links pointing each one back to your Home or Product pages

3. Submit the article to a few quality directories

NOTE: Submitting articles to directories is a good strategy, however it is NOT a replacement for my PAD Technique, which is to provide an article to a webmaster who agrees to publish it on their site.

To locate a few good directories, the reader simply needs to do a Google search for article directories, or visit the site below for a listing of the top directories.

TIP: If you plan to use article directories as a strategy to develop inbound links to your site, I would suggest writing one unique article for each of the 27 article directories listed on the site above, each of course embedded with 1-3 of your carefully crafted anchor text links back to the Home and Product pages of your site. This will give you between 27 and 81 inbound links to your site. ©

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