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The pages that link off of your navigation bar buttons are what I call 'product pages'.

These so called product pages will contain a compelling headline, plus 250-300 words (4-6 paragraphs) of well researched, eloquent and concise content, - optimized fully for a single primary keyword and partially optimized for tier-1 and tier-2 secondary keywords - PLUS have links to the all important merchants.

And there will be only one product page per navigation bar button.

Therefore, because I recommend a "short list" of (navigation bar) buttons, - between 5-6 is fine, - that means you will only need the corresponding 5-6 product pages.

But this does NOT mean you need 10-12 different merchants.

That's because many merchants will do double-duty and appear on several different product pages.

Frankly, I do very well on sites that feature as few as two or three unique merchants appearing on each product page.

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