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Netshopsaffiliates ("NetShops") is the commission network who provides the third-party tracking and infrastructure for the TheGrillSuperstore, the merchant I selected for

In my case, I'll click the 'Join Now' button and go to the 'Join Affiliates' area.

As mentioned earlier, it's important that your site is complete - at least in appearance, prior to joining your first affiliate program.

And, you DO need your own domain name.

You should also be prepared to write a brief description of your website.

This information is conveyed to the advertiser, - who may use this data to determine whether or not to approve you.

Once you have completed the affiliate application, in most cases, you should be approved instantly and receive your login information by email.

In other cases, some advertisers approve each publisher manually, so you may have to wait a day or two for approval.

Once you receive your password, - AND change it to your PERMANENT password, - then you should login to the member's area.

Once logged-in to your account area, - take some time, -and familiarize yourself with the features and tutorials provided by the advertiser.

If they have provided you with printed literature, as many do, take the time to print and review it. The advertiser knows their program better than anyone else and if they have taken the time to develop a document that can provide you with some insight, it's worthwhile slowing down a little and taking in the information provided.

In my case, does a reasonable job of providing me with the information I need to know to successfully add and manage the ads I plan to place on the BBQ site.



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Welcome to the Net&hops Affiliate Program! The r account.

Commission To Date: $136.76

□ bar above provides you access to everything you need to manage your affiliate

• Need banners or text links for your site? Click on "Campaigns" above.

• To update your password or other account info, select "Account Info."

• Want to check your earnings? Select "Statistics."

• Questions on the program? Read our "FAQ" page.

• Be sure to review our policies on keyword bidding and spam.

• Visit NetShops University for tips on increasing your affiliate marketing ï

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Copyright ©2004-OS NetShops, In-

Copyright ©2004-OS NetShops, In-

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