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In this section, I will develop an inbound linking plan for the BBQ Product page of my site.

It's the same process that I recommend you follow for each of your Home and Product pages.

If you recall, back in Step 5, I walked you through the process of doing a Google backward link check.

This gave you insight into the approximate number of inbound links required for the Primary keyword chosen for that Product page.

In the case of the BBQ Product page, the Primary keyword I selected for the page is 'gas barbecue grills'.

I'll do another backward link check for you below, - as a refresher, - so you can better understand the procedure I follow to determine how many links are needed for any one page of a site. (You will need to have downloaded the Google Toolbar to complete the next steps.)

To begin, I will first do a Google search for 'gas barbecue grills' as shown in the screenshot below.

I then click on the site in the #1 spot, which in this case is, and do a Backward Link check.

I can see by the backward link check that the page in the number one spot in the rankings, - as shown in the screenshot above, - has a total of 42 backward links, - as shown in the screenshot below.


Weh ¡maqas Groups Mink M1p 1'grill searc h com/

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Results 1 - Ifl af jÎMii^JÏJinking to hllpirfgpillwü'

Who sells what Manufacturers

Manufacturera l:sl GflllseaieH-Liigo Gnll Séaith com TlSl Buchanan Ct Minloi Ohio «060

CiiiHact us \;ehma£[email protected] c cm Gnll Search cam ...

vivyw gfiltMMtli eemrtiimiiminufacturiri Mm) ■ 34k ■ Catii'.-n ■ SimiLn

The mosl versatile gnll in me mdusny

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Gas Gftir FAQs

Fu«l Typi Th* 1^0 kinds eH flsa mai e»n b* ua«4 wlh goMa ai» rrwuiai Gaî (KG) and Fmpane Gas iLP) MG it usually tonnetled [a your lieuse ...

www grillsssrth c:<n'h:rril>'ga;Grilln-q£ html -5J!i ■ C .1 r 'i J - Snu : iti" -


Gnll Search com 7181 BuchananCt Mentor Ohio J106D Contacl us ii<[email protected] Mm Gnll Search com Gag Gnll Uanufaclijiieis Aldms Gai Grill. ïaV'Y ftrillsearth tuiplitrTil'Ulppnïï ItUtfl - 2Fk ■ l-3ii!fii * Str^ili' j- ¡¡¡a :

Upon closer evaluation of the 42 backward links, I can see that 18 of the inbound links are from pages on their own site (known as internal links), and 14 of them of from other pages on other sites on the Net (known as external links).

I also determine by clicking through the four pages of Google results, that Google is only showing 32 of the 42 links.

I told you there are anomalies with the backward link checks. ©

But not too worry; it gives us a good place to start.

And with this information, in order to compete for the #1 spot, I can begin to make some estimates based on my Google backward links check - such as, that I need at least 32 inbound links pointing to my BBQ Product page.

I estimate that 14 of these links should come from pages on other sites and 18 links from within pages on my own site.

That shouldn't be too difficult. Anchor text management

Before we get into a discussion about sources and methods for creating and arranging inbound links to your site, I'll first make a list of different anchor text links I plan to use for each of the 32 links I need for my own BBQ Product page.

Definition: Anchor text is simply "the clickable text of a hyperlink," explains Patrick Gavin, President of Text Link Ads Inc. and provider of professional search engine optimization services.

This said, it's important that you know not only how many links are needed for a particular page, - but that you also have a plan in place so you know what anchor text you plan on using.

In my case, - I have determined that I need at least 18 links from pages on my own site to point to the BBQ Product page.

And, - I need at least 14 links from pages on other sites to also point to my BBQ Product page.

I will use the Primary (gas barbecue grills) and Tier-1 Secondary keyword (barbecue grill) from the Product page

- as the clickable anchor text links that will point back to that page.

In addition to those keywords, I also like to vary it up a little so I will use a variation of the Primary (gas barbecue grill) and Tier-1 Secondary keyword (barbecue grills).

I will also use this website address for the page as well: (

So, in total then, I have determined that I will use five different anchor text links when arranging links back to my BBQ Product page.

I know this may seem like a lot to wrap your brain around, but it really is just in the details now. And, if you listened to my Google Mastery report, this should all start making sense.

Now, let's keep moving.

As you will see, I have chosen a variety of 'anchor text' options because it gives the BBQ Product page the opportunity to rank for multiple keywords - and so will you

- if you just follow my lead.

And once I gain rankings for the keywords above, I can expand the list to include other similar words such as 'gas grill' or 'gas barbecue review,' or other keywords on my list that relate to that page.

See. It's just not that hard.

And, you just follow this same process for each of your own Home and Product pages.

Of course, there is no exact science for this process - I may need to find a few more links - but will wait until after we see where we end up once the page has been ranked before I decide this.

For now, we have selected a variety of anchor text links for each page - so it's time to start setting up some internal links, which can be great fun.

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