Find Yahoos Overture bid tool s/bidtool/

Ready for a bit of irony. It may be easier for you to find this tool by doing a Google search, using the keyword 'overture bid tool'.

You will be doing an Overture search for each of your 12 potential topics.

No, this is not a difficult task, nor is it that time consuming - especially when you consider that this step will help you really hone in on the topics that are best for you - the ones that are sought out and have the most income generating possibilities.

Yes, another win-win!

To start, simply open up your first file folder and enter your first topic into the search box and then press 'Search'.

As you see in the screen shot below, you are now looking at each of the advertisers for the topic you entered.

Pretty cool, huh?

äiVlew Ndfi -Microsoft internet Explorer


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- 0 ■ Q $ psimA ^-F^fc e

- __ ÖR^icKfr -


Type in a seafcl) term aitcf we'll show you the Max Bids and listings for that term.

CCffifs m^r;

Sssch Cancel

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3, Coprgsso Cortee Mafters

1st in Coffee offers Capresso coffee makers. Bum coffee bie^ers and Cuismart. nee shBUJ«9. low pnee guarantee, www. istmcoffe* jSorfT

sticp pEsy for anything ;in(J qvqrYthing - from spei-alirptd gifts to custom clothing. It's ill tin q0jy.

(M^eKiitra mm firfilo.6.T)


Now, pay attention to the advertiser's bid prices.

As a general rule, I like to see a minimum bid of at least $0.50. (I.e. Advertiser's Max Bid: $0.50)

Take a minute to print this page and put it in the appropriate file.

Repeat this for the remaining 11 potential topics.

Visit the Updates page (see page 2 of the manual) for a video tutorial of this process.

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