Develop a realistic mindset

If you are very new to the Internet or computers in general, then you will need to expect a certain amount of frustration.

The rate of change on the Internet can be breathtaking and dealing with technical issues can often be a burden, -even for those with experience.

So you will need to learn to relax when things seem overwhelming.

Plus, do not set yourself up for failure by thinking you will get rich overnight. This is just not possible.

Online publishing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It requires time, patience and the ability to step back, take a deep breath, re-evaluate and punt (but not too hard) -when needed.

If you're doing this part-time, while holding down a fulltime job, then it would be wise to set a realistic goal of, let's say, $500/month for your first site.

That amount is VERY realistic.

And once achieved you can build from there.

So take the time to complete the organizational steps I've outlined above, then sit down with someone close to you and write down a financial goal.

Then give yourself a 6-month window of opportunity to achieve it.

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