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This one is easy.

All you do is select similar, but different words from your keyword list and enter them into your chart as reference material while writing content for your pages.

The only time you would optimize for them is to include them in the META tags along with your Primary and Secondary keywords.

Other than that, they are not optimized at all. I will give you an example shortly.

They are simply randomly included throughout your text in the 'off' chance that a spider finds them important.

The fact is, that if you write numerous Article pages, then these Tier-2 Secondary keywords will ultimately be optimized as Primary and Tier-1 Secondary keywords anyway, - as you drill down your keyword list.

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  • quirico cremonesi
    How many secondary keywords for tier 2?
    8 years ago
  • matta
    How to choose secondary keywords?
    8 years ago

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