Add some Google ads

Let's walk through the development of an ad format for your site now. We can even insert it within some code (that I supply) so that it will display nicely on the page.

You're really going to like this.

Go to your Account Area now. Once there, click on the AdSense Setup tab, and then the AdSense for content link (as shown in the screenshot below).

On the next page, select the type of Ad unit (I recommend choosing the default 'Text and image ads'), and then press 'Continue'.

AdSense for Content

Choose Ad Type > ChQOS-e Ad FaimaH and CclarE > Gel Ad Code

Gwgle AdSense program policies airow you lo place up to three ad units and one linK unit on any page

© Ad unit Text and in"age ads (default} V

A3 unit-» contain eimeMen 305 image so?- or twili The ads are targeted to the- content of your page using contextual and site targeting

On the next page, select your Ad Format. I would suggest choosing 250 x 250 Square for now.

You can preview all of the available Ad Formats by clicking on the link shown in the graphic above.

Next, choose the 'with-no-border' from the drop-down menu shown below. You can change it later if you like.

At this point, I would like to change the border and background color of the google ad from white, to the gray background color to match my site.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the current # for both the Border and the Background is set to FFFFFF.

I can find the # codes for the background color of my site, by heading over to ez-WebBuilder where I login to my account, and then click on the 'Design' icon in the toolbar.

Next, I click on the 'Edit Body' tab, and locate the Background # code, which, in my case, is C5CFB8. Yours will be different for your template.

I make a note of the code, and you should, too.

I then head back to Google AdSense and replace the Border and Background # codes, which are currently FFFFFF, to the one I just collected from the ez-WebBuilder.

Once that's done, I'll scroll down the page, assign the ad I am creating to my BBQ Product page channel in the dropdown menu, and press 'Continue'.

More options


Specify a channel to track Ihe performance of these ads. Learn mor&

Framed page code

Clietk this box if you'll pface yout ads cm a framed page Leam more

No channel selected rJo channel selected Accessories (Product Page ¿5)

BBQ {Product PaqefMi

Gas-BBQ-Gfi Us net (Home Page) Grills (Pfoducl Psge #2) Plans (Product Pane *S)

Framed page code

Clietk this box if you'll pface yout ads cm a framed page Leam more

Gas-BBQ-Gfi Us net (Home Page) Grills (Pfoducl Psge #2) Plans (Product Pane *S)

Ok, we're almost done, and not too worry, once you get the hang of this, you will fly through it with great ease.

When you press the 'Continue' button, shown in the previous screenshot, you are presented with the JavaScript for your new ad.

For more help with implementing the AdSense code, please see our Quick Stait Guide YourAdSense code:

Ocript type="text/javascript"X! --google_ad_client = "pub-0619416943796211"; google_ad_width = 2 50; google_ad_height = 2 50; google_ad_format = "2 5Gjt2 5G_as"; google_ad_type = "t.ejtt_±raage"; google_ad_channel ="3391755223"; google_color_bordex = "C5CFB3"; google_color_fcg = "C5CFBS"; google_color_link: = "OOOOFF";

Not too worry; it is not nearly as scary as it looks. In truth, it can be great fun, so just relax, take a deep breath and keep moving forward here - the finish line's in sight now!

And, while you're taking a few deep breaths, I'd like to point out that the Quick Start Guide (which is visible in the screenshot above) is an excellent source for additional information, so feel free to check it out any time you need a little help.

In fact, you may want to make a note of it, so you can refer back to it later.

Next, I need you to login to the "updates" page to grab a copy of the code (shown below) I use to neatly display the Google ad in the first paragraph of a page. For information on the updates page, go to page 2 of this manual for the login URL, username and passcode.

I had the wrapping code developed for my personal use and you are welcome to use it as well so that you may properly display the google ad on your page.

Wrapping code shown below:

[ google-ad sen &e-code - Notepad


| File Edit Format View Help

<table border="0" align-'left"cellpadding="0"cellspacing <tr>

<td width-'10"> </td>




<td height-' 10"><spacer height-T type="block" width= <tdxspacer height-"!" type="block" width="1">^td> </tr>



Now, what you need to do next is simply insert the Google AdSense JavaScript that you just created into the location of the wrapping code (as show above highlighted in blue).

Once you have replaced the blue highlighted section with your google AdSense JavaScript, the combined code will look like this:

google-ad sense-code - Notepad

File Edit Format View Help

<table border="0" align='left" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <tr>

<td > <sc ri pt type="text/j ava sc ri pt."> <[— google_ad_client = " pu b-0 619416 94 3 79 G211" google_ad_width = 250 googfleadheight = 250 gciogle_ad_forrnat = "250x250_as": google_ad_type = "textjrnage"; googleadchannel ="3391755223": google_color_bcirder = "C5CFB8": google_color_bg = "C5CFB8": gciogle_color_link = "0000FF" gciogle_color_url = "GGGGGG" gciogle_color_text = "000000" //—> </sc ri pt >

< script type ="text/javascript"

src="http .'"> <7script></td> <td width="10"> </td> <7tr> <tr>

<td height="10"><spacer height-T type="block" width="1"></td> <td><spa.cer height-1"1" type="block" width="1"></td> <7tr> </table>

Great work!

All that's left to do now is to head back over to the ez-WebBuilder and insert the code into the page, below the headline (as shown below), in the Basic HTML Editor view.

Editor: You are currently using the Basic HTML Editor. To switch Editor. Click here iPxSPSH 3tyle="font-size : Uprt; foat-family: A


<H1XSPAH 3tyle="f ont-3ize : ISpt; font-family: arial">A <EM>Gas Barbecue Grill</£M> Quickly Eeconjes the Backyard Centerpiece for Good Tiirje3 and Great Meal3 with Family and Friend3</SFAMX/HlX/SrR0NGX/SFAN>

<table tiorder=IT0■ al^gn=rrcenter " cellpadding=,rO■ cellspacing=rT0 ">

CtdXscript type^'text/javascripfx! --google_ad_client = npub-0613416343796211'r; google_ad_width = 2 50; google_ad_height =: 2 50;

And then I press 'Save', to preview the new ad inserted into the first paragraph of my BBQ Product page.

As you can see, the google ad is posted above and you will notice a number of things:

1. The ad looks neat and tidy

2. The fonts are blue to remind readers it is a hyperlink

3. The text wraps nicely around the ad

4. The ad is on the left side of the page, following the natural flow to read left to right.

Sure, we covered a lot of ground here, but as I said above, the finish line is in plain view now.

But before we prepare to cross it together, I would like to point out that it's really up to you to learn how to display the ads on your pages.

Have fun with this. Be creative. Make your ads stand out.

And, once you have done this, you will want to put your efforts to the test - measure the profitability of each ad.

Now is the perfect time for a Starbuck's break. You may want a little java in your veins for we are about to build a steady stream of visitors - all going straight to your new site.

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