Ad formats

Google gives us the ability to modify the look of each of the ads we place on our sites.

We can choose from border or no border, and we can change the color of the Link Title, Advertiser's ad text, and the

Linked Title

Advertiser's ad text here www. advertiser-url.ccrn

Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a format for your ads.

I have found that those with a designers flair have a tendency to want to blend-in-the-ad to match the look and feel of the website.

Ads should stand out and grab the reader's attention.

I have also found that the color of the 'Link Title', shown in the graphic above should be the standard "click-on-me-blue", because most people instantly recognize this color as a link.

As I said above, there is no exact science you can rely on here and the best thing for you to do is to familiarize yourself with the AdSense system.

You will use this system again and again so getting acquainted with it now just makes good sense.

Because every site and every topic is different, you should start testing and tracking various formats so that you can determine which is best suited for your site's visitors.

Yes, I am going to say it again. EVERYTHING on your site is there for the visitor and EVERYTHING you do should be with the visitor in mind.

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