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Right from the start when we are little kids, we set goals no matter how small or big they are. We don't only do that, but also make efforts to achieve them. Of course, not all of us stick to them. There are people who seem to lose the track of time and forget about the basic reality of life goals are there to make us successful. So, after realizing that truth and finally making up your mind to set goals and achieve them, are you ready to know about a software that could help you exactly in that? Software make us productive by making everything easy for us. The same is true for GoalsOnTrack. It has been created by Harry Chethe founder of the companyin 2008 to facilitate people like you in making the right decisions and tracking them in the form of goals. All of its features such as Goal Dashboard, S.M.A.R.T Goals, Sub-Goals Creation, Goal Tracking, Task Management, Habit Tracking, Goal Journal, Vision Board, and Reports and Charts are tailored to do only one thing: Set you up on your goal and help you achieve it. Not only that, but the software also comes with Goal Templates, which are ready-to-follow templates for you to complete your goals easily. More here...

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I usually find books written on this category hard to understand and full of jargon. But the writer was capable of presenting advanced techniques in an extremely easy to understand language.

All the modules inside this e-book are very detailed and explanatory, there is nothing as comprehensive as this guide.

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Strategic goal setting

Any marketing strategy should be based on clearly defined corporate objectives, but there has been a tendency for Internet marketing to be conducted separately from other business and marketing objectives. Porter (2001) has criticised the lack of goal setting when many organisations have developed Internet strategies. He notes that many companies, responding to distorted market signals, have used 'rampant experimentation' that is not economically sustainable. This has resulted in the failure of many 'dot-com' companies and also poor investments by many established companies. He suggests that economic value or sustained profitability for a company is the final arbiter of business success. Goal setting for the Internet will be based on managers' view of the future relevance of the Internet to their industry. Scenario-based analysis is a useful approach to discussing alternative visions of the future prior to objective setting. Lynch (2000) explains that scenario-based analysis is...

Make Your Goals Reachable

Set goals reachable for your business and your budget. Certainly you want an Internet presence. It will answer frequently asked questions so you can reduce not eliminate phone time. It should add some incremental sales. Properly installed and used, it can cut order processing costs from dollars to pennies.

Select Marketing Tools to Accomplish Your Goals

This step is the best part of the entire process. It's time to identify the tools you will use to reach your current and past clients. Examine your goals and determine which tools listed in Chapter Five are the most likely to achieve them. Your first decision is to determine whether you believe you should focus on personal or professional marketing tools. You may decide to use a mix. As you examine your goals, select tools that will do double duty for you. For example, if two of your goals are to acquire three clients in the Seattle area and to generate four prospective client leads in the manufacturing industry, you may decide to speak at the Greater Northwest Manufacturing Association's fall conference.

It doesnt matter who you are or what you do

Take your time to digest the information properly before you start to work on the prescribed action steps towards your goals. Use the Goals-of-the-DAY and Ongoing Goals as your guideposts, your beacons of light. Understanding the concepts will boost your confidence level in applying them. Even as adults, we never lose our need to know why things work the way they do.

Setup your Internet start page

And, I can't say enough about the time and effort it saves you - everything you need, links to the sites you frequent and your goals - right in front of you every time you open a new browser. Let's take a few minutes now to create a special start page that allows you to have links to all of the sites you visit regularly - and allows you to be reminded of your goals (and your achievements) every day Sure, we all hear about how having our goals written out and in front of us and how this will help us achieve them trust me here, it's true. What's more, I am living proof of this So, take a few minutes right now to put your most visited links and your goals on your own Internet start page.

The Purpose of a EULA

Your end user license agreement is the document that governs your relationship with your users. Among other things, it grants your users the right to use your application and sets out any limitations you want to impose on how it can be used. Like any license agreement, your EULA can grant narrow or broad rights depending on your goals. Most app developers will want to grant users only a very narrow license that limits the users to just using your application, but not modifying or redistributing it. This model is to some extent baked in to the App Store, since Apple embeds technological restrictions on users' ability to share apps with others.

Developing Marketing Objectives and Goals

The purpose of this chapter is to provide a framework for goal setting in a large, complex organization. A first step in planning is usually to state objectives so that, knowing where you are trying to go, you can figure out how to get there. However, objectives cannot be stated in isolation that is, objectives cannot be formed without the perspectives of the company's current business, its past performance, resources, and environment. Thus, the subject matter discussed in previous chapters becomes the background material for defining objectives and goals.

Organizational Structure

The discussion in this chapter focuses on five dimensions (a) the creation of market-responsive organizations, (b) the role of systems in implementing strategy, (c) executive reward systems, (d) leadership style (i.e., the establishment of an internal environment conducive to strategy implementation), and (e) the measurement of strategic performance (i.e., the development of a network of control and communication to monitor and evaluate progress in achieving strategic goals). In addition, the impact of strategic planning on marketing organization is studied.

Assessing the current contribution of the Internet to the organisation

To assess the contribution and the effectiveness of Internet marketing involves the company in reviewing how well its online presence is meeting its goals. So this activity overlaps with that on strategic goal setting discussed in the next section. Assessing effectiveness also requires a performance measurement or web analytics system to collect and report on data effectiveness. We cover this topic in more detail in Chapter 9. At this point, note that these different levels of measures can be usefully used to assess effectiveness

What Products Are Right for Mobile Couponing

Before you get started with mobile couponing, you must assess your goals and expectations. Some products and services are more appropriate for mobile promotions than others. Mobile promotions provided by retailers are much more intuitive than promotions provided by manufacturers. This is because when you are working with a specific retailer, you can ensure that they will have the necessary equipment and training to redeem mobile coupons or discounts at their counters. Because coupons offered by manufacturers can be redeemed at any location that sells the product (for instance a 50i off coupon for Velveeta Cheese), there is no way of ensuring a problem-free redemption of the coupon.

Web Resourcesthird Party Providers

Creating a presence online is an intimidating project. So why not turn to Web professionals for help There are online companies that can help you make this an easier process. These companies can help you from beginning to end make the process of electronic marketing less overwhelming. By turning to a professional, you can have experts at your fingertips to help you pull together an impressive and cohesive campaign. Web site marketing is all driven by one important factor What are your goals These organizations can assist you in reaching those goals by helping to (1) create a clear vision, (2) implement a marketing plan, (3) execute the plan, and (4) evaluate the results. A good example of a company that can assist in this process is Web Ad.vantage, which can be reached at http www.webadvantage.net.

Develop an Annual Marketing Planning Calendar

This is the step where it all comes together on several pages. You will lay out your plan for the year on an annual marketing planning calendar like the one in Exhibit 6.2. Each of your goals will be broken down into substeps using the activities you chose and listed on the calendar. Notice that this format also tracks estimated costs. You will of course need more detail for some of the activities, but this format will help you see everything at a glance how time will be expended each month and the anticipated marketing cost for the month.

By Dave Dee wwwdavedeecom

It's not a popular concept these days to take responsibility for yourself and your circumstances. But the bottom line, where the rubber meets the road fact is, if you don't take responsibility for you life starting TODAY, you will never get what you want or achieve your goals.

Setting your goal and objectives

Commit your goals and objectives to writing in order to keep your efforts focused only on marketing strategies and tactics that contribute to your success. Then each time a new marketing opportunity arises, you can put it to this easy litmus test Will this opportunity help us meet our goal Does it support one or more of our objectives If the answer is no, you can quickly decline the offer and turn your attention back to your plan.

Also think that the service we offer and the products we have are unique in our market

Make a list of your personal and professional goals for the next twelve months. This is perhaps the easiest task on the entire list. Grab yourself a good cup of coffee and a notepad, and spend some quality time writing down what your goals are for the next twelve months. First, list your personal goals, then write down your professional goals. Once you figure out what you want out of your life, the rest will come easy.

Developing the Budget

In its most basic form, a budget is your cash plan. It is how you are going to develop your mission and vision statements and your goals and objectives into reality financially. Don't let the budget become a burden. A budget should never be etched in stone it is the final bottom line that counts. That being said, never attempt to

Problem definition goaloriented approach

Rickards2 suggests a useful way in which to approach problem definition is the technique known as goal orientation. Essentially, the method employs identifying needs, obstacles and constraints in the search for an adequate definition of the problem. The procedure, along with an illustration, is given in Table 2.1. Problem definition goal orientation Problem definition goal orientation

An Introduction to Google Analytics b

If your Web site includes some sort of lead generation such as a newsletter subscription, catalog request, or even something as simple as a contact page, goal tracking can make gauging the success of your online marketing campaigns simple. Any goal action can be traced back to the original source of the visitor, which allows you to determine what traffic sources are working for your site, what search keywords are performing the best, and what methods are ineffective. The Google Analytics goal-setting feature is especially useful when targeting keywords in your SEO efforts. Knowing ahead of time what keywords are already converting for your site and targeting those keywords until you reach the top organic positions is a very effective SEO strategy.

Technical And Practical Factors

To Achieve your Goals Under the broad categories of inbound and outbound teleservicing, there are at least a dozen kinds of activities. Before exploring them in detail, let us consider the technical and practical factors that apply to them. After setting your goals, these must be agreed on before any teleservicing project is begun. Often, they also control the decision to work in-house or go to an outside firm. To achieve success, think carefully about setting your goals. Plan a customer contact relationship of phone, fax, e-mail, Internet, and even personal contact. Experience suggests changing from a total focus on lead generation and sales to customer retention by satisfying your callers' needs and guaranteeing their satisfaction. Set that as your clear goal for each touch point (type of contact) and type of customer. It's as important in teleservicing as anywhere else in your marketing program. With access to your database, current technology lets you differentiate among...

Corporate And Division Strategic Planning

Corporate headquarters starts the strategic planning process by preparing statements of mission, policy, strategy, and goals, establishing the framework within which the divisions and business units will prepare their plans. Some corporations allow their business units a great deal of freedom in setting sales and profit goals and strategies. Others set goals for their business units but let them develop their own strategies. Still others set the goals and get involved heavily in the individual business unit strategies.1 Regardless of the degree of involvement, all strategic plans are based on the corporate mission.

Clarify Your Meeting Objective

Prior to the meeting, I clarify my meeting objective. Is it to gather more data or to close the sale, or something in between You will probably have more than one objective. Your primary objective may be related to how close to making the sale you find yourself. But there are other objectives. Discover something about your client to use as follow-up material. Learn more about the organization. Identify how you could help the organization. Begin to build a partnership with the client. Define project goals and deliverables. Define the scope of the effort. Establish your credibility. These are all viable objectives for your meeting. Write your objectives on your notes and check them just before walking in the door.

What Hat Should You Wear

The hat that you decide to wear should be determined by your goals and objectives. I would never recommend that anybody use Black Hat SEO strategies, which clog the search engines with useless pages, and provide a poor user experience. These strategies are short-lived and will almost always get you banned in the search engines.

Guerrilla Intelligence Pro Bono Marketing

Collaboration Community and civic organizations draw volunteers from fields such as education, business, the arts, and politics. Diverse groups frequently must come together to meet common project goals. On an assignment to develop a management structure for a nonprofit's project to reduce urban violence, the team included consultants, former street gang members, the clergy, law enforcement officials, and several prominent politicians. The consultants, in collaboration with the team, found common ground among the team members that formed the basis of a solution. When the consultants subsequently had to deal with a dispute between a client's manufacturing and distribution executives, bringing the opposing parties together was a piece of cake.

Consumer perceptions of the Internet and different media

Everywhere, regardless of experience and availability, the Internet was seen as a huge resource, with futuristic values, that indicated the way the world was going to be. It was respected for its convenience and usefulness. Through the Internet you could learn, solve problems, achieve goals, travel the world without leaving your desk, and enter otherwise inaccessible spaces. It gave choice and control, but also feelings of isolation and inadequacy. There was an onus on people wherever possible to experience this medium and use it for learning and communicating.

Marketing Goals and Objectives

To introduce your marketing plan, provide a brief mission statement of your business. A mission statement is simple but clearly communicates your goals to your customers and potential customers. For example, Develop the best productivity app for pharmaceutical sales reps or Develop the most innovative air combat game ever created. Once you have a written mission statement, you can move on to determining your objectives sales, profit, pricing, and product.

So how much do you think its possible to make as a Click Bank affiliate

That's one of the things that people need to do. This can be learned. So what I always tell people is to get in, set your goals, maybe your first goal. I mean my first goal was around 100 bucks a day. Because I figured oh, if I can make a hundred bucks a day, I could really go.

Guerrilla Intelligence The Downside of Fee Caps

The biggest drawback to fee caps is that they take the client's focus off the primary objective achieving the project results. Clients who continually monitor consultants' hours would be better served by focusing on how well the consultants are progressing toward achieving project goals.

The Real Driver behind Growth Is People

With a modicum of luck, it is only a question of months before you will have staff working for staff. Then you will realize, if you haven't before, that while it is people that will help attain your goals, it is their team leaders who augment and implement the policy that make success happen. If you are going to move ahead, you are going to need rowers, the strongest, most dexterous, and most supportive you can find.

Developing stories and events for brands

Its approach to connecting brands with customers through word of mouth is built on insights from Euro RSCG's international network of trendspotters. The process involves finding the intersection between current hot topics of conversation for the target audience the brand's perception today and intended strategic goals. Co-creative director Schuyler Brown explains 'We are looking for natural insertion points for the brand in the already-flowing current of pop culture.The fit has to be believable, authentic, but just a little left of center. We're looking for a branded storyline that not only allows consumers to continue the conversation, but enhances it.'22

Where do you want to be

What is your business goal What is your mission statement What are your goals for YOU MUST WRITE GOALS DOWN It's just no good to form goals in your head, and then try to achieve them. It simply doesn't work. Writing them down makes them solid and achievable. Then you can check them off your goals as you achieve them, and get solid feedback on how you're doing. The same goes for writing down the specific planning steps you need to accomplish your goals. You must write them down, and then do them.

Stage 2 Defining the performance metrics framework

(a) Include both macro-level effectiveness metrics which assess whether strategic goals are achieved and indicate to what extent e-marketing contributes to the business (revenue contribution and return on investment). This criterion covers the different levels of marketing control specified by Kotler (1997), including strategic control, profitability control and annual-plan control.

Internet Things to Do

Whether expanding from e-mail or starting with full use of the Internet, begin with a written plan. List your goals, then outline how you'll reach them. Put time and dollars for every step. Most businesses do not make money on the Internet, so be sure why you're there.

Get Started

Prior to beginning your SEO efforts, you should set goals, including how much money you want to dedicate to your efforts. If you are going to conduct SEO internally you need to set a budget only around the tools you need and the amount of money you must allocate to paying your internal SEO team. If you intend to outsource your SEO, you should set aside a minimum of 3,000 to 5,000 monthly for a dedicated SEO professional.

Personal Preferences

Complete the Personal Preferences Chart in Exhibit 2.3 to help you identify those aspects of consulting you wish to guide your future plans. In most instances these items will relate to your personal goals. What does your completed chart tell you about the kind of work you prefer


As you can tell, a lot goes into a Facebook Profile. What information you show and how much time you spend updating and maintaining it is up to you and will largely depend on your goals for and use of the Profile. But the Profile is where it all begins and is a major part of every user's Facebook experience, so it's vital that you thoroughly understand how Profiles work, look, and relate to one another.

Facebook Page Basics

Build your Page for success the first time around by populating it with lots of optimized content and developing a content strategy to keep it fresh. You can spend as much or as little time as you can afford updating and maintaining the Page, and your time input will vary as your goals and use of the Page fluctuate. If you fill out the Page completely and make it interesting and engaging early on, however, it's easier to take some time off later.


Cooperative adoption is also a special case of inter-organizational cooperation. Thus, the model may facilitate understanding of other types of inter-organizational cooperation necessary to reach strategic goals or to adapt to any number of internal or external changes. This commonality between cooperative adoption and other types of inter-organizational cooperation increases the contribution of this study to the organizational literature.

Internal factors

Seven of the nine internal factors were identified as important to the selection of e-business models. Respondents supported resources available and technological infrastructure and knowledge as being critical in determining the organisation's capability to develop and support the selected e-business model (Bagchi and Tulskie 2000). For example, the megaexchange model would be more suitable for SMEs as this model required a lesser commitment (such as financial and human resources) from these smaller organisations, which were subject to intense resource constraint. Target market segment and market scope were regarded as essential to organisations where customers' needs in the various target market segments must be met with specific models (Hoffman et al., 1997) whilst it was also important that organisations select models that matched the nature of the products or services they offered (Timmers, 1999). For example, the solution provider model might be more appropriate in a niche market...

Goals and KPI

The ultimate point of analytics is to measure how effective your marketing efforts are in obtaining certain goals. Before you launch any campaign, you should clearly understand what your goals are are you trying to drive sales of a product Are you striving to generate leads for a service Are you interested in sending traffic to your site to monetize through ad clicks Or are you trying to increase awareness and buzz around your brand Goals of the first three varieties are generally easier to report and are closely tied to profit, making them powerful metrics to justify investments of time and money in Facebook marketing. Once you've decided on your ultimate goals, you need to identify key performance indicators (KPI) to measure (Figure 12-8). These are metrics that indicate the effectiveness of your efforts in achieving your goals. If you're trying to drive sales, then the most important KPI would be sales attributed directly to Facebook marketing if your goal is leads, then your main...


Among the biggest consumers of time and resources are trade shows because many companies show up to fulfill obligations rather than taking full advantage of the opportunities they present. If you have so many commitments that you just show up at these events, you may be doing more harm than good. Trade-show participation benefits from preparation that includes formal goal setting, marketing and sales tactics development, and metric development of both in-process (lead generation) and post-process (number of leads contacted and conversion rate) measurements to evaluate the trade show's return on investment. If you want to measure the impact of using a trade show to promote awareness, you might want to survey qualified targets as they leave the show floor. You may have sponsored a platform speaker at the conference, or distributed product samples or memorabilia, or bought advertising space on the back cover of the trade-show program. Which tactic best met your goal of creating awareness...



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